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Why Altitude Software

yellow icon with two opposing arrows flexible call center software integrates with existing infrastructure, such as telephony switch, CRM, or any other legacy systems.


Integrates with all types of infrastructure and operation size

Versatile call center solution adapts to the customer needs and meets every unique technology requirement. Contact center software solution suits every business need, regardless of type.


Meets the specific customer service needs of each type of business and application

Contact center solution that provides an omnichannel view of the customer jour ney.


Complete, modular, and scalable customer experience solution for omnichannel contact

Customer centric contact center software technology enables the definition of custom solutions.


Customer proximity enables a quick and effective reaction to their needs

Innovative contact center solution for customer engagement.


Continuous release of new features to meet dynamic business

Experienced, award winner contact center software company.


27 years building successful customer relationships, globally

Who benefits from our solutions?

Engage with Your Customers Regardless of Business Type

Customers have high expectations both in terms of quality and speed of the service they get from the companies they do business with. They want immediate, concise and accurate answers regardless of the channel they choose to use. Altitude cloud contact center software technology helps organizations to meet their customer’s expectations.

Altitude Software has been working for over 25 years with many different industries and has developed solutions customized to the needs of each type of business. Find the one that’s best for yours.

Customer Stories

Don’t just take our word for it! See how companies from the most diverse business areas and sizes use Altitude Xperience Contact Center Software to engage with their customers.


How to profit from an omnichannel customer engagement solution for an inbound and outbound strategy

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How to improve contact center efficiency while integrating different communication channels

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Europa Group

How to increase contact rates and conversion while excelling at the provided customer service

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Intrum Justitia

How to boost your credit management services while providing an excellent customer experience

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What business area uses our solutions?

Exceptional Customer Experience. Join Departments and Interactions for an Omnichannel Customer View

A successful customer relationship management requires the unification of all the departments of the company. Customer
intelligence accessible at all times, by all departments, is the key to create exceptional experience, build loyalty and bring revenue.

Altitude Software designs tailored cloud contact center solutions for every business application based on their goals. No matter your role – contact center
agent, supervisor, sales manager or IT consultant, or a small business owner solving your customer needs – you will find our solutions
easy to use, efficient and with a quick learning curve.

What additional services do we provide?

Our clients are our best asset and we take a great care about every one of them assuring personalized attention and services that meet best the need of each client.

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People in 12 Offices


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Supporting Altitude Solutions


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