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Altitude Software Enables Faster, Higher Quality Customer Service at São Paulo Subway Social Service

Altitude News Metrus increases first call resolution and customer satisfaction among 30.000 social services beneficiaries

Standardize, manage and control customer service to over 30.000 social services beneficiaries was among Metrus biggest management challenges. “We needed a robust, but easy to use, customer interaction management solution. That was exactly what we got with Altitude Software”, stated Mr. Fabio Mazzeo, Metrus President of Board.

Increased first call resolution and better service management

The implementation of the Altitude uCI customer interaction management solution made it possible to automate, prioritize and organize customer service by issues and by audience, while Metrus created specialized customer service teams. As a result, increased first contact resolution reduced by 60% the number of repeat calls. The demand for customer service also rose by 42% as a result of perceived higher quality service.

Mr. Mazzeo underlines the availability of more, better quality information on contact center and customer service performance as one of Altitude uCI solutions best advantages. “Altitude uCI made our management process more effective. Monitoring and recording makes it possible to evaluate productivity and service quality on our contact center” states Metrus President of the Board.

More flexibility to follow-up and provide personalized service

The Altitude solution also provided more flexibility, namely to prioritize service to disadvantaged groups by scheduling presential service and by providing customer history, enabling personalized service. “Performance indicators have consistently improved. General information requests are dealt with in less time” states Mr. Mazzeo.

The Metrus President explains that, despite the fact that the focus of Metrus Altitude solution is on inbound, it also enables outbound campaigns and call back services. “The solution not only services an increasing number of contacts and requests. It also enables our services to return calls and follow-up on requests, guaranteeing security and compliance”.

A great track record delivering results in a wide range of situations

“Altitude solutions enabled big improvements in contact center performance and customer satisfaction at Metrus. The Altitude uCI solution has a great track record in adjusting to business goals and delivering operational and business results” states Elaine Ferreira, Altitude Vice President for Latin America.

Altitude Software delivers worldwide a robust, modular solution that handles all customer interactions and unifies all touch points throughout the organization in an open, platform-independent solution, based on standards. With 16 offices in four continents and a strong partner network, Altitude Software leverages existing technology investments, adding value without disruption across a wide range of situations with low total cost of ownership.

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