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European Benchmark Shows 3,6% Contact Center Employment Growth in 2014

Benchmark 2014 Altitude Software Sponsors Unique Large Scale Study of the Contact Center Market, Now Available Through Its Website.

Lisbon, Portugal, October 22, 2015 – In 2014 there were over 35,500 centers, with an average 81 positions, employing 3,8 million people in 30 countries. These are some indicators provided by the European Contact Center Benchmark 2014.

The Benchmark is a unique large scale study of the contact center market in Europe, sponsored by Altitude Software, a global provider of omnichannel solutions to deliver great customer experiences. The report, now on its third edition, estimates a little over 2,8 million contact center seats in Europe in 2014, with 19,3 % in outsourced activities, while 75% of contact center activity remains dedicated to inbound and 75,3% of the business is focused in business-to-consumer activities.

“The Benchmark is an outstanding effort to gather data and analyze the evolution of contact centers across Europe, now in its third year,” stated David Romero, Chief Marketing Officer at Altitude Software. ”As a leading contact center solutions vendor born in Europe, Altitude has been a supporter and a sponsor since its first edition. It is very important to have better data and a better understanding of the contact center industry in Europe in order for it to evolve and assume its place as net contributor to the economic and social development of the continent.”

The 2014 European Contact Center Benchmark is the third edition of the only large scale research on the European contact center market. It covers 30 countries and it provides a detailed account of the similarities and differences in the industry and market structure, and on practices across the continent. The study is a joint venture between specialized consultancies Areia Consultoria and Call Communications, and is endorsed by the European Confederation of Contact Center Organizations (ECCO).

Altitude Software has offices in Portugal, Spain, France, UK, Sweden, and Belgium, and a strong partner network that touches practically every European country. More than 1100 companies in 80 countries around the world use 300.000 licenses of Altitude Software products.

The Executive Summary with key indicators is now available on our website here. Free, courtesy of Altitude Software.