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NStyle Pampers Customers with Altitude Software

Altitude News Altitude uCI 8 Contact Center Solution Supports Rapid Growth of NStyle’s Premium Grooming Brands NStyle increases operational efficiency and cements customer service excellence image in the GCC

Dubai City, UAE, September 22nd, 2014 – Altitude Software, a leader in unified customer interaction solutions today announces that a state-of-the-art contact center has been launched in Dubai to support NStyle in handling the fast-paced growth of its premium grooming brands.

NStyle is one of the region's largest organically grown companies in the beauty sector offering premium beauty and grooming services. Its new contact center is powered by Altitude Software customer interaction management solutions which provided the UAE-based company with a wealth of advanced IP contact center features, such as a voice portal and unified centralized monitoring, queuing, routing and reporting solutions.

NStyle grows as it exceeds customer expectations for quality, award winning beauty services

"NStyle prides itself on striving to exceed customer expectations for quality, award winning beauty services,” said Lama Bazzari, NStyle International CEO & Founder. As the NStyle brand footprint continues to expand rapidly, the company is inundated with franchise requests from Europe, Asia and the MENA region and is on track to achieving its ambitious goal of doubling its stores on a regional and international scale.

“Our goal is to be the most accessible premium grooming brand and to provide the ultimate in beauty services that are offered in a luxurious store environment by a team of certified beauty therapists & stylists,’’ commented Bazzari. To achieve these goals, NStyle developed a comprehensive strategy to establish an innovative and world-class customer service system at the core of its operations.

“We decided to launch a contact center for the NStyle Group Operations after a comprehensive research carried out within our company on how to boost customer service and enhance our appointment scheduling process. Our contact center today efficiently manages all customer interactions and a single telephone number is all that is needed to take an appointment at any of our UAE stores,” said Bazzari.

Creating Great Customer Relationships

The Altitude uCI 8 solution enabled the unified management of interactions, directing the contacts to the best available Customer Service Representatives (CSR). CSRs have all relevant customer data, enabling them to see the customer's entire relationship with the NStyle stores and quickly pinpoint answers to customers’ questions. This specifically allows CSRs to have a better understanding of customer's requirements and to provide cross and up selling upon each interaction.

“Customers can be handled according to their individual needs, depending on their profile with us, be it a NStyle Nail Lounge, Urban Male Lounge or NStyle Nail Care customer; and once a client’s needs are identified, he or she can be routed to the best available CSR without frustrating transfers or long waits in queue,” commented Ahmer Jalal, NStyle Contact Center Manager. “Altitude was a clear and proven choice for launching our contact center in Dubai and for cross-selling a greater variety of services to market more rapidly.”

Increasing Contact Center Efficiency

The Altitude Management Portal application enables NStyle Contact center managers, supervisors and team leaders to focus on their key goals by monitoring, in real time, operations and business outcomes, taking immediate actions to improve productivity and results. The tool specifically allows users to create new business data, KPIs and alarms that are available both in real time and for historical analysis.

‘’Altitude uCI 8 is a tremendous boon to everything we do, as it gives us the flexibility to do everything, from viewing online business KPIs of the overall contact center activity to playback calls as well as score and evaluate every single customer interaction,” added Jalal.

Following the implementation of the Altitude-powered contact center, NStyle could:

  • Tightly integrate the company’s fully customized Appointment Scheduling web-based application with the contact center system;
  • Boost customer service and reduce costs by serving customers from one single toll free number at the contact center and not at the NStyle Stores;
  • Boost first call resolution rates and shrink appointment scheduling process duration for all its stores;
  • Increase cross and up-sell with centralized customer view;
  • Intelligently transfer callers to agents based on skill sets, customer data and language (English/Arabic);
  • Generate comprehensive activity and performance analysis reports for agents, campaigns and the overall contact center system.

“Working with NStyle is an exciting opportunity for Altitude Software because it allows us not only to deliver our proven contact center technology and expertise to support a premium grooming brand, but also to demonstrate our ability to enable other industries to put the contact center at the core of their customer service strategy,” said Riadh Boukhris, Altitude Software MENA President. “It is an exciting time to be working with NStyle, as they continue to grow, scale and emerge as leaders in the region.”

The Altitude uCI (Unified Customer Interaction) suite has a ten year plus track record of outstanding results in contact centers worldwide, having won over 50 Industry Awards for Innovation and Performance in the last few years. The solution provides businesses with a wealth of advanced contact center features in about 80 countries worldwide, with a fast-growing presence across the GCC Region. It manages, in real time, enterprise functions like customer service, help desk, collections, telesales, surveys, etc. It is unique in accelerating the creation of services and campaigns, thanks to the unified design studio, routing, dialer, voice portal, desktop front-end, monitoring and analytics.


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