Business process outsourcers (BPO) provide customer care, telemarketing, debt collection or any other business application to companies from all industries, that can range from media and retail to banking. BPOs need a contact center solution that accommodates the industry’s different requirements. and still be competitive, without losing the innovative edge. Is one of the most demanding users of contact center solutions.

Provide a single platform suite

Icon - Holistic view of each customer. Unifies customer data from several locations, departments and services.

Support omnichannel
contact management

Have access profiles for each customer

Flexible call center software integrates with existing infrastructure, such as telephony switch, CRM, or any other legacy systems.

Scale up/down as required

Scale according to business needs

Meet all customer requirements at the lowest cost

Increase or reduce the contact center operation to meet seasonality needs or peak times, on the fly, and pay only for what you use. Link several contact center sites, including onshore with offshore sites and still be able to have a unified view of everything.

Deploy fast

Buy and start using

Simple to install contact center solution to meet your customer’s dynamic business needs in real time. A user-friendly interface simplifies agent onboarding and reduces training time. Built-in reports combine operation with business KPIs to enable making the right decisions faster.

Integrate existing infrastructure

Protect legacy investments

Platform and infrastructure independence and openness allow to easily integrate with existing customer systems. This flexibility gives you an advantage in what respects the quality of services you offer, enabling you to reach out to prospects and increasing your customer pool.

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