It´s The Most Wonderful – And Busiest – Time Of The Year

How to ace customer journey to – and from- Black Friday and Cyber Monday When I think of Black Friday it comes to my.

Customer Training: From Manuals Design To Final Delivery – A Personal View

From my earlier days in Altitude Implementation Services, I learned from experience that working at a contact center is no easy task. If you’re.

A Contact Center: Will It Improve My Business?

Businesses can only be successful if they have happy customers. I dare say that you have thought a few times at least, about how.

Altitude: Contact center technology at the service of the people

Altitude is celebrating its 25th anniversary! For the past 25 years we´ve imagined, brought to life, installed and implemented solutions, first for call centers,.

How to Make the Right Investments to Lead in the Outsourcing Industry?

The Outsourcing market is seeing major changes in service offerings and business models as technology is increasingly embedded into services. The growing acceleration of.

Landing what?!… Landing Festival!! Don’t you know what it is?

Finally, it seems that summer arrived in Portugal! And what is the best way to celebrate this summer´s late arrival? Well… It could be.

Are your customers in love with your company?

Customer engagement is all about the emotional and psychological attachment of customers to a brand, company, or product. According to a study made by.

Has your team already moved towards GDPR compliance? Training will push them to!

This is our final goodbye! Do not leave us, please ! Let´s communicate better! Stay with us, you won’t regret it! Stay in my.

GDPR is a reality. What now?

So, it is a reality. May 25 came. GDPR took effect. Most of the organizations databases shrunk immensely (unless these organizations were really thorough.

What we brought to our customers in 2017 (and a sneak peek of what’s to come!)

Hey, it seems that it was just yesterday that we were ladling out “Happy New Year” and today Q1 is already over! Time flies,.

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