Customer Service: How to LISTEN to what your customers are really saying?

Perceiving the quality of your customer service, communicating it effectively to all players, and learning how to improve it is a real challenge, especially.

5 Benefits of Hiring Home Agents for your Cloud Contact Center

“American Express teleworkers handled 26% more calls and produced 43% more business than their office-based counterparts”, concluded a study made by Forbes. Home agents.

“I sent you a message!” “Really? Where? Facebook, SMS, Whatsapp, Gmail or Snapchat?”

Calls over Skype and Whatsapp. Messages over Google Hangouts and Facebook. Posts and Tweets. It really can get confusing sometimes, can´t it? I know.

Some Key Figures on Omnichannel Consumer Behaviours and Expectations

Customers today are multi-skilled, multi-tooled and very well connected mouthpieces for brands. Getting their customer experience right is far more complex today with the.

Three Principles to Design the Customer Experience Using Big Data

“Without big data, you are blind and deaf and in the middle of a freeway.” – Geoffrey Moore Mass marketing days are gone! Your.

Do You Want to Get Promoted or to Get Punished? Meet the Omnichannel Customer.

A major consequence of instant, on-the-move connectivity, is rocketing consumer expectations. If a customer is able to contact a supplier anytime, anyplace, in a.

Have you heard about Pokémon Go? I bet you have!

Whether you are catching Pokémon in your free time or not, I bet you have heard about it. It´s really hard not to, as.

Automation is the future of contact centers, but human still rocks!

What would you define as the top priorities for the success of your contact center business? If customer centricity and customer experience are not.

Can You Take a Wild Guess of Which is the Most Successful Smart City in the World?

Disneyland is the correct answer in case you got that wrong! Even though it´s kind of hard to believe, it is a real city,.

Smart Cities Need To Deliver Smart Citizen Engagement

A recent Frost & Sullivan survey found that improvement in citizen engagement is a major objective for leading “smart” cities in Europe, with 70%.

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