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Choosing A Contact Center Chatbot? Pick One That’s Efficient, Flexible, And Technology Agnostic

Published on Jan 29, 2020 at 9:51 pm in Blog

Meeting the ever-growing demands of top-notch service while staying one step ahead of competition are certainly the top priorities of any contact center business manager. Whether they´re still struggling with legacy infrastructure or have changed to transformative technologies such as the cloudone of the most important factors for success is the seamless integration of the technologies needed to meet the priorities and achieve success. However, selecting the contact center technologies is not always as simple as it seems! The truth is that regardless of the analysis, studies, and ROI calculation conducted prior to making the decision, once it’s made it represents a hefty commitment. If the contact center bets on the wrong technology horseit way be bound to high costs and reduced flexibility. This is especially true in what concerns the use of AI technology for contact center applications and services. 

Contrary to most contact center software providers, Altitude Software is not tied to a specific technology, but we adapt the technology to the requirements of each client. Flexibility has always been part of Altitude Software’s DNA. We adapt the technology to the customer needs, not the other way around. We use some providers when they’re the right option for the task and switch to a different one when the requirements of the customer demand other types of services. 

Take as an example contact center bots. Altitude Chatbot is Altitude Software’s AI powered contact center chatbot and a clear proof of the flexibility that I’ve been referring to. And now you might be thinking: nothing new here, last time you´ve checked there were more than 300,000 chatbots on Facebook alone. Bear with me for a few more paragraphs and I´ll show you why Altitude Chatbot is the right choice. 

Ease of development of contact center chatbots

Altitude Chatbot is built seamlessly using our own contact center suite modules, for both voice and chat! If your contact center is powered by Altitude Xperience that is all you need. Altitude Router has a graphical, user friendly interface that allows just about anyone at the contact center to build a chatbot in a few hours. Consider it the democratization of bot development, no more need for IT or complex programming languages. Make changes to the contact center chatbot in real time as the need comes to meet emerging needs, again, on the fly because all that is required is drag and drop elements from a graphical interface.  

We work with best AI and speech platforms 

Integration with AI services means putting your contact center chatbot on steroids. We found that there are different reasons to have a preference for specific AI platforms, and we always give our customers the best solution shaping our technology configuration to their needs, not trying to change their preferred options to our own technologyFor that, we partnered with the best of this world to give our customers choice. 

We partnered with Microsoft, Google, Nuance and Verbio to join our best brains and their best brains and develop the most powerful AI solutions giving our customers choice and flexibility. 

Altitude Software provides you a native integration to speech platforms (for ASR/TTS) through Altitude Voice Portal with  the technology that solves your need bestNo more press 1 for this” and press 2 for that. Benefit from Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Text to Speech (TTS) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to allow your customers to interact with an NLP conversational IVR and get an amazing customer experience while doing so. An AI powered IVR (voice assistant) gathers relevant information from the customer’s speech, avoiding boring questions and requests to repeat information because the bot did not understand what has been said. This greatly improves customer satisfaction and reduces the interaction time. 

Voice and chat assistants can both help the customer in self-service mode or gather important information before transferring the callwith context, to a human agent, greatly improving First Call Resolution (FCR) ratesincreasing Net Promoter Score (NPS), and reducing customer waiting time, among other important benefits. 

Altitude contact center chatbot powered by Microsoft Bot Framework 

We integrate with Azure Bot Service for messaging  for robust capabilities and high levels of customization. Benefit from Microsoft LUIS (Language Understanding Intelligent Service) and get natural language processing intelligence. We’ve been working with Microsoft Framework for over 2 years not and reach a high level of maturity for this technology. A successful solution needs time to be developed and tested, as bots do not have sensibility.

Our experience gave us the knowledge to know exactly not only what can be automated but what makes sense to be automated and the required intelligence level. Altitude contact center chatbot handles simple requests, such as the address of the store, to more complex queries, such as placing an orderMoreover, it uses an RPA to handle the back-office tasks, such as creating an invoice and sending it to the customer by email, without any need from a human agent for the whole interaction. We have the technology, the knowledge and the experience to adapt the bot to the needs of the market. 

Are you more of a Google technology fan? 

There are Mac people and Windows people, iPhone and Android fans, we get it. there are also companies that prefer Microsoft technology, and companies that prefer Google Dialogflow because they want to integrate everything in their Google cloud platformNot a problem, Altitude contact center chatbot seamlessly integrates with Dialogflow to create the chatbot flow that meets your requirements. Google and Altitude offer innovative solutions adding smart virtual assistants to your interactions with customers in WhatsApp -to be handled automatically from beginning to end or to be transferred to a human assistant when necessary. 

BYOB (Bring-Your-Own-Bot) 

Furthermore, we don´t want to cause any vendor lock-in , you can bring your own bot, that is, integrate via web services other thirdparty cognitive applications or platforms with Altitude Chatbot. Altitude Software’s API seamlessly integrates with any existing investments to avoid a complete rebuild in a different tool. Use the infrastructure you already have and build on it to empower your contact center with chatbot. 

Best of breed for all 

In summary, Altitude contact center chatbot is technology agnostic. Whatever your tech stack and preferences, Microsoft Bot Framework, Google Dialogflow, or any other technology, it receives the message, recognizes intent, handles the issueIt is an enabler for an omnichannel customer journey and allows you to benefit from the following features: 

  • Service 24×7 – offer uninterrupted service to your customers and prospects in real-time.   
  • Human agent/bot interaction – transfer between human and bot agents is available at all time. Bot and human agents cooperate to solve customer queries. Both parties can perform operations, such as sending files to complement the conversation. 
  • Contextual transfer  All data travels with the interaction to provide context at all times and personalize every customer experience. 
  • Interaction history – conversation content is stored and used for multiple purposes, such as training, auditing and quality assurance. 


Technology does not accomplish any goals; it is only the enabler! Sever your dependency from a specific provider and choose a partner that is technology agnostic, capable of meeting your current needs, but flexible and open to quickly change if the dynamics of your business demands itBe sure to hop on the high velocity train for voice bot and chatbot assistant to boost your business. We’ll hop on with you to make the journey a lot nicer and easier!

 Start the ride now? 

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Can't afford losing customers?

Make your Contact Center frustration-free and responsive and respond 100% of customer enquiries.


Can't afford losing customers?

Make your Contact Center frustration-free and responsive and respond 100% of customer enquiries.