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  • ACD

    - Automatic Call Distributor. The ACD is a telephone system used in inbound contact centers. It automatically answers, queues, and distributes calls to agents, plays announcements to contacts, and provides real-time and historical reports on all related activities. See more

  • Agent

    - Agent is the person that handles contact center interactions, such as calls, emails, Facebook or Twitter posts. Agents can be human or automated. Human agents can work at the contact center or remotely. Automated agents are IVR and routing agents that interact with the customer automatically, often times using AI.

  • ASR -Automatic Speech Recognition

    - Computer recognition of a language spoken by a human. The computer recognizes, in real time, all words spoken by any person, enabling the person to interact with an IVR using only speech. See more

  • Asynchronous Messages

    - Messaging platform where agents and customers engage in an open-ended conversation, that is, a conversation that spans over time and can be resumed later. It is a continuous conversation that spans over time while keeping context See more

  • Auto dialer

    - An auto dialer is a dialer software for outbound campaign dialing process that dials phone numbers automatically, connecting only answered calls to agents. It highly increases agent performance by eliminating the time spent dialing phone numbers. The auto dialer may has several types  of dialing modes (power, preview, progressive, and predictive) that businesses can use depending on the need. See more

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  • Big Data

    - Sets of large volumes of data, that companies can use to get valuable insights on how to increase customer engagement, optimize operations, and find new sources of revenue. Big data is a set of unstructured information that needs to be analyzed before being used to drive strategic business decisions. See more

  • Blended campaigns

    - Blended campaigns handle inbound and outbound interactions simultaneously, be it to meet specific business needs or, for example, to balance the workload of the contact center. Agents handle inbound and outbound interactions seamlessly, in a single interface without need to switch between queues.

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  • Call barging

    - Allows contact center supervisors to enter a conversation already occurring between an agent and a customer to, for example, help the agent handle the customer query.

  • Call center

    - Call center is the department of a company that handles calls to and from customers. Call centers handle inbound calls, outbound calls, and use the phone as the main communication channel between a company and its customers. See more

  • Campaign

    - Operation defined at the contact center to achieve a business objective, such as providing customer service or selling a product.

  • CCaaS - Contact Center As A Service

    - CCaaS enables companies with a state-of-the-art technology without making a huge investment in the contact center infrastructure. That is, they only pay for the software they need during the time they use it ...

  • Contact

    - Contact is the person with whom the contact center does business in the context of a campaign.

  • Contact center

    - A contact center (also referred to as a call center) manages all customer contacts with a company. It handles all type of customer contact points, such as calls, emails, social media, website inquiries and chats, and keeps all information related to each contact/customer. See more

  • Contact center cloud

    - A cloud based contact center is a contact center that is stored in the cloud, rather than hosted on-site. This solution frees you from infrastructure and network ties.You get only the services you need and leave everything else to the solution´s provider. See more

  • Contact center hosted

    - Hosted contact center solution enables you to manage the daily operations of the contact center, with all available technical and operational options, but leave the infrastructure management up to a host.

  • Contact center on premise

    - Contact center on premise means that the contact center infrastructure is hosted on-site. It gives you full control of the whole system (software and hardware).

  • Cross sell

    - Cross sell is a business strategy that aims to sell an additional product or a service to an already existing customer. For example, if a customer purchased a smart phone, you may reach the same customer to sell an insurance plan for it.

  • CTI - Computer Telephony Integration

    - CTI integrates computers and telephone systems. This allows agents to perform all call-related tasks directly from their desktop. CTI software enables agents to use the features of a phone system with the information stored in a computer system.

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  • Data mining

    - Data mining turns raw data into useful information. It analyzes data from different perspectives, finds relationships between it, and summarizes everything enabling businesses to increase revenue and cut costs.

  • DNCL – Do Not Call List

    - DNCL - Do Not Call List contains phone numbers of people that do not want to be called for telemarketing purposes. Contact centers must ensure that the numbers that are going to be dialed are not part of any DNCL, or they might be subject to fines.

  • DNIS - Dialed Number Identification Service

    - Informs companies about the phone number dialed by the customer. For example, a financial institution that sells credit cards may have a number for VISA and a different one for American Express. Knowing the number dialed by the customer allows them to route the customer to the right credit card service.

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  • FCR - First Call Resolution

    - First Call Resolution or First Contact Resolution.  Contact center performance indicator that shows whether the need of the customer was solved right at the first call or interaction or if it needed more follow up actions.

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  • Help desk

    - Help desk is the department of the company that gives customers assistance and support on the company’s products or services. Typically, a help desk service troubleshoots and answers questions about technical products, such as electronic equipment, computers, software, and others.

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  • IVR

    - Interactive Voice Response - IVR  is a call center technology system that enables automated agents to interact with a human contact through the use of voice, DTMF tones using a keypad, and others. It allows the call center to efficiently help customers whether through self-service or by routing them to the most appropriate agent. See more

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  • NPS

    - NPS - Net Promoter Score is a performance indicator of growth used to assess the customer´s loyalty to a company. There are two types of NPS: transactional and relationship. Transactional NPS happens immediately after the interaction occurs and is used to assess that specific interaction. Relationship NPS happens in intervals to assess the quality of the relationship customer-company.

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  • Responsive contact center


    A responsive contact center focuses on the customer and the customer’s experience by allowing each individual customer to define their own journey. It provides anytime, anywhere response to all customer needs, that is, enables customers to get in touch with the contact center using the channel of their choice at the time of their choice. See more

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Can't afford losing customers?

Make your Contact Center frustration-free and responsive and respond 100% of customer enquiries.


Can't afford losing customers?

Make your Contact Center frustration-free and responsive and respond 100% of customer enquiries.