Customer Service Trends 2020

Published on Feb 03, 2020 at 5:44 pm in Blog

2020 is bound to be a very exciting year for the customer service industry! According to the previsions of customer service trends, one that will consolidate customer service as a competitive differentiator that companies can no longer afford to ignore, but on the contrary, put at the top of their priorities. It´s not about the services or products anymore, but about the capability companies have to put the customer in the center of their business and deliver a consistent, seamless customer experience. And what´s the most qualified department to do that? If you answered contact center you’re absolutely right!

However, the contact center itself won’t be of much help if it is not running of state-of-the-art technology that supports the seamless customer experience. At Altitude Software we are a step ahead and conceive our contact center software solutions to enable the most fantastic customer experience. Moreover, we also like to share our own views on the customer service trends to ignite discussion and spread ideas.

That’s precisely what Alfredo Redondo, our CEO, did in an article for AEERC.  According to him, the customer service trends relate to the following transformational technologies:

He also discusses the trends for companies in the customer relationship sector. They should be aware of the following tendencies:

  • Dissolution of the boundary between inbound and outbound
  • Changes in the customer experience expert profile
  • The role of contact center professionals is changing
  • Universalization of technology

Companies are subject to the fiercest competition every single day. The way to differentiate and win the battle is to have the tools in place which allows them to gain customer loyalty. Being on the forefront of customer service trends is crucial to remain in customers mindset and be their first choice.

Are you ready? Read through the whole article  and get valuable insights into how to meet the customer service challenges for 2020!


Celia Cerdeira

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