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Omnichannel customer journey

An omnichannel customer journey gathers all communication gathers all touchpoints between a customer and t a company and unifies them to provide a single.

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Lifetime customer value

Lifetime customer value is the estimate of the average revenue that a customer will generate to a business during their relationship as a customer.

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Hosted contact center

A hosted contact center  has the contact center software  installed or hosted by an off-site service and 3rd party provider’s system. An hosted contact.

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Employee experience

The level of commitment and engagement of contact center agents to create custom, authentic, successful  and unforgettable experiences to the customers of the companies.

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A workflow process connects the contact center with all the departments of a company. Introducing workflow in a contact center allows to unify all.

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VPN – Virtual Private Network

Enables users to create a secure connection to a private network through a public one, such as the internet. A VPN can securely connect.

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