Covid 19 Customer Stories: Learn how our clients overcame new challenges!

Responsive contact center

A responsive contact center focuses on the customer and the customer’s experience by allowing each individual customer to define their own journey. It provides.

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DNIS – Dialed Number Identification Service

Informs companies about the phone number dialed by the customer. For example, a financial institution that sells credit cards may have a number for.

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Data mining

Data mining turns raw data into useful information. It analyzes data from different perspectives, finds relationships between it, and summarizes everything enabling businesses to.

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Cross sell

Cross sell is a business strategy that aims to sell an additional product or a service to an already existing customer. For example, if.

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Contact center on premise

Contact center on premise means that the contact center infrastructure is hosted on-site. It gives you full control of the whole system (software and.

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Contact center hosted

Hosted contact center solution enables you to manage the daily operations of the contact center, with all available technical and operational options, but leave the.

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