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GDPR is a reality. What now?

Published on May 25, 2018 at 5:59 am in Blog

So, it is a reality. May 25 came. GDPR took effect. Most of the organizations databases shrunk immensely (unless these organizations were really thorough and did a great job during years cleaning their email lists and only keeping those with consent). All people realized how many organizations had their data and used this occasion to massively and passively unsubscribe from a huge number of lists. We all had a good laugh reading all those “ex-lovers” titles – “we’ll miss you!” and “don’t leave us” and “let’s be friends”. That was fun. What now?

Well, now… we realize that nobody is ready. Ok, not nobody. I know many companies implemented necessary changes and are GDPR compliant. According to a study that Ponemon Institute conducted last month, these are 52%. And a big number of companies have started these processes and will probably be ready in a few weeks or so. That’s fine. Or not? I’d say it is, because guess what? The regulators are not ready either. Many of them. More specifically, 17 out of 24 who responded recent Reuters survey.

Ok, the regulators still lack resources and processes to go after non-compliant companies proactively. But the control over these new rules is not only on the regulators. And this is when the customer centricity comes into play again: your customers can become your regulators. And after all this avalanche of emails that businesses sent on their customers’ heads, I’m absolutely sure that the latter will be watching closely at what the former do with their data. At least until some new formula comes into play and there is a substantial benefit for trading personal data.

What should you do in the meanwhile? Finish implementing all necessary measures to be fully compliant if you still haven’t. And get in contact with your providers, especially with the technology ones that touch your customers data. Make sure they are also ready to deal with any data protection related issue and be your support in this, not your problem.

If you want to learn how Altitude Software can support you and help you in the post-GDPR setting, you know we are just one click away.

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Natalia Bochan

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