Have you heard about Pokémon Go? I bet you have!

Published on Aug 02, 2016 at 5:13 am in Blog

Whether you are catching Pokémon in your free time or not, I bet you have heard about it.

It´s really hard not to, as it has been one of the hot topics over the last few weeks. The Financial Times (“How Pokémon Go will make you spend more”) has been writing about it, so has The Economist (“I mug you, Pikachu!”). GQ (“Pokémon Go: a gentleman’s guide to playing Nintendo’s Pokémon Go”) and Cosmopolitan (“Pokémon Go Now More Popular Than Tinder”) are covering it and believe it or not there is even a guide on National Geographic about best places to visit to catch the most Pokémon!

It seems the World has gotten into a frenzy about catching them all!

As a millennial who grew up with the Pokémon video game and TV show, I have to admit I´m also fascinated by it. It simply brings up some nostalgic feelings and, as we all know, we millennials just looooove our mobile phones and the features and apps they offer us.

However, I´m not going to dwell now on my nostalgia and wont brag about the amount of Pokémon I have already caught. I would like to look at it as an opportunity for my company and many others.

From the technical point of view, it’s quite simple and not something revolutionary new. There already exist different kind of apps based on GPS coordinates and augmented reality. However, we haven’t yet started to use their potential to the fullest.

A good example of an app using this kind of functionality is our Altitude Door to Door. Altitude Door to Door is a mobile application designed for companies, which have to interact with clients off the premises. The employee has a mobile device with all the information about the targets and its locations. The app helps him to coordinate and fulfill his tasks. Basically we could say, that similar to Pokémon Go it helps to catch them all!

Apps like this with access to GPS coordinates are already used in many different industries, such as utilities or delivery services. It helps to collect water and electricity meter measurements and it eases the work of delivery companies. By adding elements of augmented reality it would even further improve the employee and customer experience.

I believe we are just beginning to realize the immense opportunities offered to us by mobility and augmented reality. I´m sure we are about to see some really exciting new ideas and inventions over the next years, months or even weeks!



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