Holiday shopping rush: is your contact center ready?

Published on Nov 27, 2019 at 12:05 pm in Blog


The countdown to shopping madness officially started in the beginning of November with Singles’ day in China, where Alibaba reported $ 38 billion is sales  during the 24 hours of the 2019 shopping spree and it will arrive in Europe and the Americas in the next few days. Welcome to the bipolarity issues at the contact center: on the one side revenues reach unprecedented heights, but on the other side the volume of interactions can be simply overwhelming. This is, undoubtedly, the busiest time of the year for all businesses, but especially true for the retail and customer service industry!

How do you prepare your contact center to support the retail during such shopping madness?  Ensure that the call center is ready to handle this big sales flood! How? Take a closer look at these topics and you’ll swing by the biggest holiday shopping days!

Technology Solution

The contact center technology must be the facilitator to the success of the sales strategy. Regardless of how well you prepare, there will be call peak times. Long call waiting times that mean a poor customer experience, as we all know that when customers call, they are probably already frustrated with something that hasn’t gone that well and the last thing that they need to is listen to endless IVR prompts until an agent is available to take the call. A scalable contact center solution allows you to easily add software resources to handle the peak and then go back to the business as usual. Additionally, the contact center solution must support multiple channels, such as instant messaging through chatbots, to gear customers towards other options, such as self-service or email, reducing the number of inbound calls.


In the light of most recent headlines about major data breaches in companies, and even governments, it is essential for customers to trust the companies with whom they share their data. According to this study, there is a strong negative impact following data breaches. In the case of retail/e-commerce industry, the result of data breaches has a very negative impact both on consumer trust (59%) and the bottom line (41%). Give your customers peace of mind in what concerns the security of both their personal data, such as credit card information. I believe we all agree that trust is a highway to increased business profit; therefore, contact centers must abide by strictest data protection policies, such as GDPR, to gain and maintain customer´s trust.

Customer service

Customers always expect nothing less than the best service, but this is even more true during the holidays shopping spree. Ensure the support of an omnichannel customer journey to have a complete view of each customer, regardless of the channel used to reach the contact center or the route of the interaction!  Then, make sure to match each customer to the most appropriate agent to handle the issue, to solve queries as quickly and accurately as possible and ensure the highest FCR rates. Empower agents with knowledge to solve issues and make the right decisions at the right time to deliver the most successful customer experience.


Is your staff trained, not only for the holidays but on a permanent basis, to achieve the highest performance in all areas, such as ensure the proper running/maintenance of the contact center software, protecting the privacy of your customers, providing the best customer service?

We’ve joined the Black Friday crew to give our dear customers a unique chance to train all contact center professionals, regardless of their role!

Don´t miss out!



Celia Cerdeira

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