How AI and Machine Learning at the contact center change customer relationships

Published on Nov 04, 2019 at 12:51 pm in Blog

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Successful customer journeys are one of the main goals of any business. To do that, they need to support various touchpoints and monitor them consistently. This is especially true for the contact center department where KPIs such as answering time, average speed of answer, customer satisfaction, call abandonment rate, and many others are measured.

Contact centers are increasingly leveraging AI and Machine Learning to improve the control they have on such KPIs. Moreover, they help to provide successful and efficient customer journeys.

How Does AI Transform Customer Relationships

Integration of AI with customer service improves contact center performance and enables companies to develop closer customer relationships as follows:

Agent behavioral pairing

AI pairs individual contact center agents with individual customers on the basis of past behavior to detect optimal agent-customer pairs to improve the business objective of each interaction.  Customers and agents are already matched up based on several factors, such as skills, the truth is that behavioral pairing takes matching to a whole new level by predicting interpersonal behaviors and using algorithms to pair agents with customers.

Emotional and sentimental evaluation

One thing that AI still can´t do is to fell empathy, just like human agents, when handling an interaction with a customer. However, it can give relevant information in real-time, to the human agent about the customer´s mood, empowering the agent to solve customer issues accordingly.

Bots and self-service

An AI-powered customer service assistant empowers businesses with a successful customer engagement strategy. It allows customers to serve themselves and change from self-service to assisted service, if necessary, and maintain interaction context.

Compliance with rules and regulations

Businesses can use AI as a tool to inform agents to specific compliance rules and regulations to avoid liability and fines.

Knowledge base

An AI powered knowledge base, built with natural language processing, is a powerful tool for agents to provide an excellent customer service. It gives the necessary information, at the click of a button for agents to provide fast and accurate answers, improving the customer experience.

AI seamlessly blends automated service with human agents

Blend customer assistant chatbots with human agents, enabling the chatbot to give the human agent information about previous interactions and other important data about the customer that contribute to the success of the interaction. Or businesses can choose to have the chat bot handling the whole interaction and ask the human agent for help if necessary, always keeping the interaction context

AI and Machine Learning For the Contact Center: Takeaways

It is very important to define goals for the AI technology. Companies must be aware that the AI solution that they have selected can be used in combination and learn from their human resources instead of thinking that they will replace them completely. One of the most important benefits of AI and Machine Learning at the contact center is the collaboration environment. Another one is the efficiency and scalability that it allows. AI technology can quickly scale up to meet businesses dynamic needs.

I dare say that the biggest challenge for any business is to be able to conquer customer loyalty. The implementation of AI and Machine Learning technology tools help to meet that challenge, to improve processes and services, meet customer´s high expectations and turn them into brand advocates.

AI and Machine Learning are not the latest trend, they´re paving the future of customer relationships. Are you ready for the future?

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