5 Benefits of Hiring Home Agents for your Cloud Contact Center

Published on Oct 14, 2016 at 7:36 am in Blog

American Express teleworkers handled 26% more calls and produced 43% more business than their office-based counterparts”, concluded a study made by Forbes.

Home agents is not a new concept, but still a very relevant one, due to the rising numbers in cloud contact center deployments. Companies operate on a global world and need agents across the several regions and with different skills to be able to achieve customer retention and loyalty regardless of the agent´s location.
What´s in it for your business? How can you improve results by using home agents?

1. Profit from an unlimited pool of resources

Working from home appeals to people that do not want, or cannot, commute to work; for example, disabled persons or parents with small children. According to Michele Rowan, home agents “tend to be more highly educated and experienced, have less stress and are focused on meeting callers’ needs.” Working from home gives agents the flexibility to run errands, pick the kids form school and so on while committing to the working schedule.

2. Improve customer service

Home agents are proven to be more productive. They work in an environment free of disruptions, have high motivation levels and their top priority is focusing on your customer. Moreover, they ensure that business runs as usual if problems occur at the on-site contact center, such as power outage, natural disasters, and so on.

3. Reduce costs

Home agents help to keep space and infrastructure expenses very low. They use their own gear such as computer, office supplies, electricity, internet connection, and so on. You can easily expand your business without having to worry about physical space to put your task force and the respective needed equipment.

4. Increased flexibility and scalability

Home agents give you the flexibility to scale up or down according to your business needs. You can use this flexible pool of agents to ensure the best service during known peak times, special events, holidays, and so on. In the same way, you can easily reduce your staff during low peak seasons. Home agents can usually accommodate fluctuating schedules in short time notice.

After buying new agent licenses for your cloud contact center you can have the suitable human resources up and running very quickly.

5. Ensure Information Security

It´s not difficult to restrict home agents form accessing and inappropriately using confidential information about your company and your customers. Even more so in a cloud environment where security standards such as PCI compliance are already being observed. According to Gartner, “In 2016, more than half of the Global 1000 companies will store sensitive customer information within the cloud”.

Working from home improves agent satisfaction, which leads to an increase in customer satisfaction, which results in higher customer retention. Home agents working at your cloud contact center allow you to quickly start rolling out operations, improving your service, and increasing business results.

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