Landing what?!… Landing Festival!! Don’t you know what it is?

Published on Jul 10, 2018 at 10:53 am in Events

Finally, it seems that summer arrived in Portugal!

And what is the best way to celebrate this summer´s late arrival? Well… It could be with free ice creams for everyone, free “bolas de Berlim” or even an outdoor party! But guess what? We already did all of this so, this year, we wanted to innovate! As such, we celebrated summer’s arrival by participating in one of the biggest technology events in Europe: the Landing Festival, which took place June 29 and 30 in Lisbon.

And then you may ask, what is the Landing Festival?

This was the first time I´ve attended the Landing Festival. I had the opportunity to represent Altitude Software, right on my first week at the company, and I simply loved it! I had never heard about this employment event before; however, from the moment we Altituders arrived at the venue to set up our stand, I realized that it would be an incredible moment of communication and knowledge sharing between tech companies and professionals.

The event gathered 1500 talented young people, whom during 2 days had the opportunity to establish contact with some great technology companies and to listen to professionals speaking about several topics related mostly with the future of technology and this market’s main challenges.

We were looking for dynamic, creative and dedicated Super Techs and managed to meet a lot of people that are the perfect fit to what Altitude is looking for to join our team. If you missed the opportunity, here’s how to join us.

In a casual and relaxed environment it was possible to network, attend inspiring lectures and workshops by outstanding technology professionals and, most importantly, to advertise Altitude Software to this specific audience.

Ending these 2 days of networking and knowledge sharing with a boat party on the Tejo river was the “cherry on top of the cake” for this event.

Thank you Landing Festival for the opportunity to be present in such an incredible event. We´re looking forward to go back next year!

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