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Is your Contact Center responsive?

Published on Jul 03, 2020 at 11:33 am in Blog

Our life is in such a turmoil that we often lack the time, and patience, to solve any issue from the beginning to the end in one single interaction, but rather, dedicate several short periods of attention during one day or more, if necessary.

Just like we do in our conversations with family or friends.

How can contact centers be responsive to deal with this new behavior from customers? They can´t certainly add to the costs by hiring more people! To face this challenge, contact centers need to add more efficiency and automation, not more people.



What kind of efficiency and automation?

Asynchronous communication is the key to a Responsive contact center. Asynchronous messaging allows both parties (agent and customer) to keep the same interaction going throughout the day, or night, or for the next days. Asynchronous messaging is the answer to be responsive and efficient using a multimedia and multichannel environment, with the help of a concierge – a simple virtual assistant configured to:

  • gather important, yet simple information, such as the customer identification
  • offer alternatives, such as call back or voice messages
  • register preferences, and others

For example, it encourages the customer to leave a voice message. Then, technology such as TTS transforms the voice message into a transcript and delivered to an agent. The agent will reach out to the customer using the customer’s preferred channel.

Think of a health institution that is testing for COVID-19. It can use WhatsApp and bots to ask people whether they want to be tested. If the answer is affirmative, it automatically makes the appointment for the place, date, and time according to the customer’s wishes.

Or, instead of leaving people waiting in a long queue listening to a limited IVR, encourage them to switch to asynchronous messaging, for example, using WhatsApp, to make the appointment using a bot that integrates with the laboratories’ schedule.

Is your contact center responsive or does it leave customers waiting? Do you answer your customers using the channel that is most convenient to them or most convenient to you?

You can transform your contact center into a responsive contact center, focused on your customers! We’re ready to help you overcome the challenges.

Ask for a free consultation!

Rogério Neiva

Rogério Neiva

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