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Lean method: how small companies can grow thanks to their customers suggestions

Published on Jan 04, 2017 at 8:26 am in Blog

Lean method has enabled small and medium companies to compete against big corporations. This management model is more popular year by year, and is based on launching a product or service requested by the market, see how it works and apply changes suggested by the client to improve it.

Businesses that adopt Lean method save time and resources when they develop a product removing the risk that the initial need is covered when it’s launched. This organizational model is known as “Just in Time” (JIT). It is often combined with the PULL strategy, based on producing only the necessary amount and distributing it according to the customers’ requirements. That way, the risk that the company can’t sell the product – and loses money due to the surpluss production – is removed.

Altitude Software suite Altitude uCI helps enterprises to adopt Lean methodology. Companies can know what their clients need and when they want it thanks to the interactions between brands and users. Collected data have the key to develop new products, which will be first offered to those who have shown interest.

After the launch, the company can improve the product by listening to the users’ opinions on social media and traditional channels. Furthermore, Altitude solutions allow brands to act proactively and to ask directly to their customers what they think about it – and which features they miss – to improve according to a real experience.

This trial/error method can looks so risky for some companies because it doesn’t offer a perfect solution since day one. But it allows startups and SMBs to launch their product before the competence does it or before the need disappear. In addition, users that are asked their opinion feel part of a brand that loves them.

Altitude uCI suite is much more that an excellent tool to adopt Lean method. It is a comprehensive and modular solution for contact centers that offers the best customer experience. It is modular, allowing contact centers to grow according to their necessities without facing significant investments. No matter the number of modules the company uses, or if their workforce consists of 10 or 100 agents. Like Lean method, it makes small businesses go big and let them to compete in the same market offering a superior service.


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