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Letter to Our Customers And Partners

Published on Mar 19, 2020 at 12:42 pm in News

Dear friends,

We’ve been using the term VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) here and there in the last years. Today, this term acquired its full meaning. The entire world is living a totally new reality: the first pandemic of the XXI century. This global threat is affecting our families, businesses and communities.

I reach out to you today to express our full support and update you on how Altitude Software is approaching this situation and the steps we are taking to face the challenges.

Our first priority is the health, safety and well-being of our employees, our customers and partners, their employees and respective families. Our hearts and thoughts are with those who were affected and must stay in complete isolation, we send them our best wishes to recover fully and come back to their families soon. And we are eternally thankful to all those who are heroically and tirelessly taking care of who has fallen sick.

It was an easy and straightforward decision for Altitude to send all employees to their homes and continue to work with no interruptions, as we’re used to remote working for years. More than ever we are committed to keep providing full service to our customers and partners.  Be absolutely sure that you may rely on our full support in this situation, as in any other, despite the urgency.

We know that you’re also thinking about the safety of your employees too, and regardless of the complexity of the situation, count on us to help you protect them. Our teams are managing customers’ contingencies every day and every hour, and you have access to all our technology, equipment and people to manage the emergencies you have.

As always, you have full access to our Customer Support Teams and Service Teams, I assure you that they will relentlessly work with you to find the best solution to cope with this situation.

Altitude’s solutions for remote Contact Centers enables you to protect your employees and ensure business continuity to keep serving the communities that need access to information and require immediate responses more than ever. To cope with this increased demand from your customers, we provide all the support to implement additional automation solutions for you. For those of you who need to add new employees fast to your operations, we’ve opened free training programs for Contact Center agents and Team Leaders.

We know, however, that the most urgent need many of you have today is to find the optimal solution to cope with your specific emergencies, and a standard package won´t make it. Altitude Software has always been strong in designing customized solutions and our teams are working these days – and nights! – on redesigning complex processes in record time for our customers. Please let our teams know what your specific need is, and we´ll do free contingency consulting for your business and design the optimal solution.

If you are aware of other opportunities for us to help you with our technology and expertise, please let me know at

These turbulent and challenging times are a reminder about how connected we are and how important it is for all of us to unite as a family and work as a team, making our best effort, demonstrating our commitment to building our future together.

As we continue to adapt to this new reality, you can be sure that Altitude Software family will continue providing full support in everything that you need, share our learnings and help those who ask for our help.

Please stay safe and be patient, we´ll get through this together!

Alfredo Redondo


Alfredo Redondo

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