A truly new beginning Altitude Software becomes part of Enghouse Systems family!

Comways has developed the BOTware module as a flexible solution to satisfy the needs of organizations when serving their customers via chat conversations


The BOTware module offered by Comways addresses perfectly all the expectations of corporations. This is possible thanks to the architectural approach which enables fast and easy integration between any back/frontend system of the customer to any AI Platform/Engine. It provides, as a standard, a rich set of functionalities and connectivity to digital channels, as offered by Azure (MS Bot Framework), and its already integrated to CRM/CTI tools used by large corporates (e.g.: Salesforce, Altitude Software…).
The drivers:

  • Enable digital conversations via multiple chat channels. Web Chat integrated in the website is of course one of the options, but customers can also start the chat on Facebook Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp, Mobile apps, SMS and other channels.
  • Enable the contact centre agents to handle chat conversations with their native CRM or CTI solution. If customers do not have yet a chat solution for the contact centre, comways can offer an end-to-end solution that includes it. Otherwise, we can leverage the existing solution with our readily available connectors (e.g.: SF, Altitude…).
  • Enables the creation of intelligent Bots scenarios to meet any use-case. We can design each bot conversation using predefined menus, keyword and pattern recognition, NLP, rich content such as images and forms, and of course a combination of all those techniques. We can also connect to backend systems via web services for provisioning of self-services to the end customers.
  • BOTware default is based on integration to the Microsoft Azure offering. We use Azure Bot Service for the setup of bots and channels and Microsoft FormFlow, QnA and LUIS for the design of intelligent Bots.
  • Nevertheless, BOTware is not limited to the Microsoft Azure offering. We can integrate AI capabilities from other providers when a concrete use case demands it (Google DialogFlow, IBM Watson, Facebook wit.ai).