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Nuance delivers a modern voice engagement experience that enables cost savings and simplifies customer service operations.


Nuance Recognizer includes Software for recognizing closed-vocabulary and open-vocabulary spoken input, processing DTMF input, and determining the meaning of recognized input.

A variety of language packs are available, each enabling Nuance Recognizer to accept spoken input in a specific dialect of a language. The term “language” often is used even though “dialect” is more accurate. Each language pack includes a selection of built-in grammars for common recognition tasks. The inventory varies with each language pack but always includes Boolean (yes/no) and digit string grammars, along with an alphanumeric string grammar when applicable. Additional localized built-in grammars may be included for tasks such as phone number, natural number, currency, date, time, credit card number and expiration date, post code, and/or government ID number. Please check with your sales representative to determine which built-in grammars are available for the desired language.
Nuance Vocalizer is an enterprise-ready spoken output engine. It features enhanced speech quality and accuracy through optimized text processing and comprehensive pronunciation dictionaries. Vocalizer is also able to manage playback of all application audio, both from a customer’s library of static prompt recordings and by generating dynamic prompts using TTS technology. It offers control over speech output with Vocalizer Expressive Studio, a suite of easy-to-use tools and includes support for emerging and accepted standards. Vocalizer facilitates easy operations and maintenance enabling tuning and customization without interrupting live traffic.