Personalized bite-sized online agent ‘in-the-moment’ coaching, Real-time Performance Feedback and Quality Management. Based ‘holistically’ on all the interaction channels and includes Speech and Text Analytics


Product Overview:

  • Natively integrated with Altitude Xperience Platform, including using the platform’s cost- effective native recorder
  • Quick deployment and easy to use cloud-based SaaS solution
  • Built and hosted using AWS services and serverless technologies and available globally
  • Assess and coach holistically the entire Interaction comprising of multiple channels and events
  • Includes Speech and Text Analytics, Sentiment Analysis and Emotion Detection

Consumers are becoming empowered and intolerant of products and brands that show little or no commitment to making it easy to do business and demonstrating a desire to build a relationship.

  • As a true omnichannel platform Xperience allows customers to have conversations with agents which flow seamlessly across all channels.
  • The Qualtrak Omnichannel CXcoach™ solution has been specially developed to provide agents with the skills and knowledge to be able to fully exploit the capabilities of Xperience with confidence.
  • Omnichannel CXcoach™ is a multi-purpose continuous performance improvement solution that will equip agents with the necessary competencies and confidence to engage positively with their customers (holistically across all channels) leading to high CSAT ratings, First Contact Resolution, reduced AHT, improved cross-selling, brand loyalty, faster time to competence and reduction in agent churn.
  • Included is a high standard Quality Monitoring feature to enable the entire interaction to be evaluated holistically.
  • CXcoach™ also includes Real-time Performance Feedback plus self-coaching and reflection. This feature captures interactions which have not been performed well or deserve praise and recognition. These are instantly sent to the agent to answer 2 or 3 self-coaching questions. Watch this short video which describes the guiding principles that drove us when developing CXcoach™.

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