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Measure performance to ensure a smooth operation running.  Mix custom and built-in KPIs and monitor, in real time, to ensure the achievement of business objectives and informed decision making. Generate business and operational reports to analyze past performance to better prepare new challenges.

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Quality Management & Speech Analytics
Business Intelligence & Analytics
Agent Motivator


Altitude Enterprise Recorder is a multichannel data recording, storage, and analytics solution that offers a robust Quality Assurance and assessment tools for agent performance. It allows to record voice and agent screens together with the associated metadata and provides an omnichannel view of all interactions between agents and customers. Customer satisfaction data is attached to the call and viewed in the interaction history.

Altitude Enterprise Recorder offers a variety of reports, views, and grading criteria. You can create multiple grading forms that are customized for your organization by applying relevant questions to your forms.

To examine overall performance of agents and teams, analytics can be applied with scorecard reports, historical or real-time, which can be scheduled as periodical or retrieved on-demand. The reports can be displayed by various parameters such as question, interaction number, interaction media, call duration, and more. Metrics and key performance indicators can be viewed in a dashboard by table or graphically for visual comparison.


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Quality Management & Speech Analytics

Quality Management & Speech Analytics

Altitude Speech Analytics module enables contact centers to automatically review 100% of recorded interactions and benefit from the deep analysis that would never be possible with traditional random sampling.

Powered by SpeechIQ, an easy-to-use, cloud based and cost-effective solution to drive agent productivity, operations efficiency and improved customer engagement. This tool scans voice interactions for important keywords and indicators, reveals the true sentiment of both customer and agent, allows to identify issues that the organization would not know to look for, detects silence, pauses or holds attributable to potential workflow issues – all of which is valuable information that can be used to improve customer experience and customer satisfaction.

Quality Assurance

Is a valuable piece in the quality management strategy of your customer care center by allowing to generate alerts for agents and supervisors about customer “churn risk” language or urgent situations in real-time, and capturing actions and behaviors for agent coaching and training, along with the automatic scoring of every interaction according to established custom KPIs.

Customer Surveys and NPS

Altitude Xperience includes specific module to integrate automated customer satisfaction and feedback initiatives – CSAT, NPS or other formats. Survey results are attached to the original interaction as metadata for further analysis, scoring or agent grading, and for a full real-time and historical view of each customer.

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Business Intelligence & Analytics

Business Intelligence & Analytics

We know what your needs are that is why we developed built-in indicators that relate very closely to the contact center work structure, such as the state of interactions and agents, and industry-standard, such as service level and business qualification. However, we also know that every business has its singularities, so define your own indicators on Altitude Management Portal and combine them with the built-in to get the most complete operational and business intelligence.

Actionable contact center analytics

A thorough data analysis is crucial for the success of your business. Benefit from the large amounts of data available at you contact center to achieve a holistic view of both operational and business information. Monitor and review performance, identify gaps, trends, and improvement opportunities. Use the business monitoring information to spot inefficiencies and improve processes. For example, if you see that the sales campaign is not achieving the objective, use Altitude Scripting Studio to make changes the campaign script so that agents try a new sales approach and improve the numbers. Or reduce the interaction handling time by automating some parts of the interaction on Altitude Voice Portal , such as having an IVR for enabling customer self-service.

Contact center analytics help you spot bottlenecks in your operation. Having the right data enables its identification and educated decision making to make improvements.

Real time monitoring

Real time contact center monitoring provides analytics, dashboards, alerts to ensure that the contact center runs as smoothly as possible and when that does not happen, it has the necessary tools to alert about issues and to take immediate action to solve them.

Altitude Management Portal unifies and simplifies contact center real time management by consolidating information from different media channels, entities or tasks to provide an omnichannel view of each customer and the customer journey.

The different roles at the contact center view only the performance and business information required by each specific profile. It has built-in homepages, customized for each user, that can display only monitoring dashboards simplifying the monitoring task.

Contact center reporting

Reports allow the analysis of trends from historical data providing the opportunity to identify performance issues candidates for optimization and the fulfillment of business objectives. Reports contain historic information of indicators for entities, such as agents or campaigns, and contact center metrics, such as queues, lists, contacts, and so on.

Altitude Xperience has out of-the-box report templates relevant to access all the information that is stored on your database. You can use Altitude Management Portal to customize your own reports using the predefined performance indicators, build your own, or combine both.

Altitude Management Portal displays reports in raw format and allows report data to be exported to Web services or to Excel files. You can choose to schedule reports for regular generation or on demand.

Agent Motivator

Agent Motivator

In line with contact center goals and agent empowerment and motivation, Altitude Agent Desktop has an agent performance dashboard that displays business indicators and other performance counters. Giving agents this information empowers them with knowledge about whether the objectives are being met and going the extra mile to try to make it happen and see it happen in real time.

Altitude Agent Desktop displays the performance indicators on the main window for agents to view all performance information.
Agents can view their own performance, their team's, and campaign.