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European National Public Health Service started using mobile apps for doctors and nurses

Published on May 04, 2020 at 1:14 pm in Blog

This customer provides the front-end communication between people infected with COVID 19 and the public health service. They do the screening, referral, and follow up of all the COVID 19 cases. As such, they required an immediate support for the exponentially growing amount of calls to keep people from rushing to the hospitals.

An upgrade of the platform was executed in 2 days, allowing them to go from 100 to 300 human agents and from 100 to 1900 IVRs. The following patient screening process is in place:

  1. People call and interact with an IVR that does the first screening and diagnosis for COVID 19 symptoms.
  2. Human agents (nurses) receive only the calls identified by the IVR as COVID 19 which need further assistance. The nurse follows a complex additional script and at the end decides to either:
    1. Advise patients to stay home for self-treatment
    2. Send the person to the hospital

This was not enough, though. As the number of cases unfortunately rises daily, and the capacity of hospitals to receive all those that have been infected decreases, the least urgent cases are being asked to stay home. But people are anxious and need more detailed information and medical prescriptions, which cannot be provided by a nurse – they need to talk to a doctor. To enable all the doctors to provide this attention “on the go”, a mobile app for doctors was implemented in just 2 days. Public health service doctors get the calls, transferred from the frontline nurses, on their mobile phones. The calls pop on the app all the information gathered by the IVR and the nurse up until the time of transfer.  After the call ends all the information about each patient is stored on the database of the institution, helping to follow up.

Pressing and urgent needs require innovative and fast responses, and this mobile app that includes all the nurses and doctors in the remote patient attention, expanding their contact center capacities, was not a planned solution, but rather a customized innovation prompted by the close analysis of the institution’s immediate needs. Our Customer Success and Operations teams are working closely with the customers’ operations and management teams to find the best solutions that fit their needs.

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Celia Cerdeira

Celia Cerdeira

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