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5 Reasons To Move Your Contact Center To The Cloud

Published on Mar 14, 2019 at 11:41 am in Blog

You try hard to make your business successful, and you know that a business only thrives if it has happy employees and happy customers. You’ve also resisted all this new hype about the cloud. Why would you change? You are meeting your goals, both operational and business wise, the information about your customers is safe and under control in your servers, you´re happy with your profits so why would you change how you´ve been running the contact center up until now? I have some bad news: either you make the decision to move your contact center to the cloud, or you´re at a very high risk of getting way behind your competitors and offering your customers a very dubious experience.

But I also have some very good news. Once you do make the decision your only regret will be not having made the switch to the cloud sooner. According to DMG Consulting, if we compare cloud contact centers with on premise contact centers, we can see that cloud contact centers are:

Changing your contact center technology to the cloud is a win-win situation. Moving to a cloud solution has so many benefits that even more conservative industries, such as banking, are moving towards this new environment. However, if you´re still not convinced about the benefits of this model, keep reading to find the 5 benefits of adopting a cloud contact center for your business.

In this day and age, legacy systems are a really bad thing to be tied up to. You have to deal with complex solution requirements, installation, development and many other that drain resources, take time, and cost money. However, you can skip all these burdens. How? With a cloud solution that can be deployed in hours rather than weeks or months and that has been designed to meet your operational needs. And once implemented it´s are really simple to manage. It doesn´t require IT or developing departments. Move your contact center to the cloud and get a faster deployment and implementation; meaning that operations start sooner, allowing you to see the return on investment much quicker.

“71 percent of those businesses that implemented cloud solutions have experienced easier application management, and 45 percent of them are enjoying faster application deployment.”
Aberdeen Group

It´s undeniable that the world is really a small village. Companies often divide their operations between several sites, and it doesn´t even need to be a big company. Even for self employed people who own a small business of their own, this is a crucial theme. They need an agnostic solution, that enables them to easily connect agents through the PSTN or VoIP to any device, such as IP, or cell phones. It is also important that managers monitor the operation activity in real time. In addition, what if you grow quickly or have seasonal peaks? Facing these business challenges requires a brand new deployment and every complex aspect that comes with it, such as configurations, resources, etc. A cloud solution has everything ready and available, allowing you to scale up or down at a moment´s notice.

Gone are the days when there was a general belief that cloud providers where not safe, that the information was not secure, and so on. Let me tell you that cloud providers abide by very strict industry regulations, have hefty security protocols, and are subject to regular security audits. There is a total confidentiality of the business operations. In what respects reliability, there is no need for complex disaster recovery plans. All data is stored safely and securely, even in extreme cases, such as natural disasters, the system are up and running very quickly, restoring operations to minimize down time and loss of productivity.

“94% of businesses claimed saw an improvement in security after switching to the cloud. 91% said that the cloud makes it easier to meet government compliance requirements.”

Software, hardware, phones, ACD, IVRs, Routers, servers, IT department, script developers, updates, upgrades… Are you still here? These are only a few of the things that you need to account for, and worry about, for technology on premise. Cloud solutions are highly cost effective as they do not require any of the mentioned and any sort of upfront investments. Moreover, you get free trials, upgrades and pay as you go; significantly lowering inherent costs. Most cloud solutions are based on a subscription model, enabling you to predict the costs and not go over agreed budget plans.

“Companies that invest in big data, cloud, mobility, and security enjoy up to 53% faster revenue growth than their competitors.”

This might be a tricky and difficult issue. Are you open to revisit your old processes and operation? If so, you´ll have no major problems in finding a match to your business in the cloud. But maybe you are a bit reticent and have specific needs and requirements that you cannot live without? Do not fear. The legacy systems can be integrated into the new solution and be subject to the right level of customization; enabling you to be comfortable with the decision to move to the cloud. The right cloud provider will be able to seamlessly gather all components and requirements, for you to make the transition in a shorter time and with reduced effort.


An Internet connection, a browser, and a computer! Click here, click there… Done. Yes, it´s that simple! No need for softphones or other kind of software. Remember VPN? That´s Jurassic technology! WebRTC delivers voice to your contact center. By the way, with the cloud, your contact center is where you are, regardless of whether you´re at home, at the office, or at the beach.

Move your contact center to the cloud and get self-evident benefits. Without a doubt it is the right path for you to successfully achieve your business goals, turn your contact center into a profitable department, and improve the experience of your customers.

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Celia Cerdeira

Celia Cerdeira

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