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European insurance company: ready for the emergency

Published on Apr 30, 2020 at 7:47 pm in Blog

Insurance companies rely heavily on their contact centers and many of them have a very complex platform structure.

This big European insurance company has its own agents and is also working with several outsourcers to support a wide variety of services they provide to their millions of customers.

As the pandemic crisis hit, they responded immediately, even before the governmental requirements were in place, to protect all their and third party employees.

Altitude Software ensured up to 8000 agents working from home in the first days of the emergency.

We worked together to enable a wide VPN providing all the necessary tools for the agents to work safely from home – softphone licenses, headsets, microphone covers, etc. All this was ready in less than 5 days – right by the moment when the authorities required it.


The next step of the contingency plan

The next step was to develop a tailored solution that would allow the client to reconfigure, activate or deactivate different services online. Given the situation, some services had to be stopped – dental check-ups, diagnostics, etc, in a way that the corresponding identified calls were redirected to appropriate messages rather than involving agents.

Other new services might need to be activated, like emergency related hotlines or self-service and automatic processes for claims and other queries.  A full tailored solution to cater for all these needs was ready and serving customers in 5 days.

Finally, this insurance company, as many others in these days, started experiencing a significant increase in customer interactions volume, so that the total number of agents, their own and within the BPOs, were not able to attend all customers quickly enough.

They decided to involve the entire company in the customer service process, even though many employees were not facing customers before, and Altitude’s team is finishing the configuration that will enable any needed experienced employee of this company to respond calls or digital interactions at any moment and from their homes.

A combination of three factors became a great advantage on the road to these results:

  1. All the infrastructure was already on cloud which increased the flexibility, scalability and the variety of solutions available.
  2. The IVR, routing and agents working from home enrolling environment was flexible enough to reconfigure services and messages adapting to new circumstances as they appeared.
  3. Tight cooperation of all the parties involved with a centralized decision-making unit, speeding up the decisions and empowering the entire team.

Keep reading to find out about how other companies successfully reinvented themselves, with the help of their contact center technology, to give customers the best service.

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Natalia Bochan

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