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Altitude Invests in Customer and Partner Success with New Certification and Virtual Training Offerings

Published on Apr 27, 2017 at 11:56 am in

Altitude University Offers Comprehensive Training and Certification Worldwide

Lisbon, Portugal, April 28th, 2017 – Altitude Software, a global provider of omnichannel solutions to deliver great customer experiences today announced the launch of a new Altitude University online learning, training and certification platform, together with new certification and virtual training offerings.

“The launch of new certification programs and virtual training offerings is part of the Altitude’s continued investment in customer and partner success and commitment to meet the growing demand for Altitude-certified contact center professionals” stated Mário Pereira, Chief Strategy Officer at Altitude. “The importance of effective training and certification in contact centers is well-known and it becomes even more important when managing and implementing new technology. Technology is just a tool; the real impact comes from how those tools are used to improve customer service, sales, services, and in the end, improve customer satisfaction while reducing costs.”

Altitude Launches Certified Professional Program

The new Altitude Certified Professional Program is rolling out courses and certification for seven contact center professional profiles:

– Contact Center Agent

– Contact Center Team Leader

– Contact Center Manager

– System Administrator

– Technical Support

– Pre-Sales

– Solutions Developer

The exams will be administered online through the Altitude University Knowledge Hub platform, to ensure worldwide accessibility. The formal certification increases the value and expands the access of professionals to a community of more than a thousand customers and partners in 80 countries worldwide.

Altitude University Available in Virtual Classrooms

Altitude University is also extending its Training courses. Already delivered onsite in Altitude premises or in partner and customer facilities, they will now be regularly delivered remotely in virtual classrooms accessible to any contact center professional with an Internet connection, a headset and a webcam.

“The launch of Altitude virtual courses and certification programs is a response to the widespread adoption of our solutions and the increasing importance employers are placing on Altitude expertise,” said Catarina Gomes, Knowledge Management and Altitude University Director. “Our courses and exams help companies grow and differentiate through great customer experiences, and help contact center professionals build their careers, while providing organizations with a trusted indicator that potential employees or service providers have the right skillset to deliver on projects in this competitive industry.”

The new certification exams and courses are accessible now through the Altitude University Knowledge Hub. To learn more about Altitude University courses and certification, click here


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