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Banking and Financial Services: The Role of The Responsive Contact Center

Published on Nov 17, 2020 at 5:28 pm in Customer Service

Thrive instead of surviving! The banking and financial services industry have had to rethink the way they do everything to not only to stay afloat but be successful, profitable, and retain customers.

As I’ve explained here, and given the most recent events worldwide, banks have a unique opportunity to reshape and embed in their customer’s lifestyle. 

Some of the challenges currently faced by banks:  

  • Branch closures due to economy 
  • Uncertain reopening for those who kept the doors open due to confinement
  • Change in customer behavior 
  • The need to keep providing services and educate customers on how to use them 
  • The need to support bank employees that were sent working from home literally overnight. 

digital bank branch

Resilience is what best describes the new world, especially for banks, that were slowly rebuilding the trust they lost some years ago. The pandemic bought new challenges that required banks to reinvent themselves, very quickly, to keep that trust from their customers. The reality is that the branch model is not going back to what it was before the pandemic and traditional banks need to go digital to face competition of the newest fintech institutions.

The branch model of the future has the following characteristics:

digital banking numbers

The financial services industry needs to converge the points of assistance and advice into the contact center, which, by the way, needs to change too. It needs to support the handling of remote customer enquiries to ensure that customers get the same or improved online experience that they would at the branch. Therefore, the contact center becomes a remote care center.

Moreover, the role of the bank’s contact center agent also changes to that of personal advisor. According to this report:

54% of respondents have higher expectations for customer service than they had a year ago.

The bank’s personal advisor has the knowledge and more time to focus on the service and care better for the customer. However, bank advisors also need to be backed up by the software tools that enables them to provide first class customer service.

For example, it needs to automate tasks, such as call dialing, and to do lists, such as regular processes, contract renewals, and so on. In addition to the customer support tasks, it should be able to help in cross selling and upselling to increase customer retention.

Furthermore, the banking call center needs to support omnichannel banking, that is, unify all channels, traditional such as calls and digital channels such as WhatsApp messages, to give bank advisors a unified view of each customer to be able to provide the best experience.


Customer experience is the big drive to this innovation. Banks must give customers what they want to improve the customer experience by providing a seamless customer journey. The responsive contact center is the only way they can do that successfully.

Its technology allows banking and financial services to serve and support customers in the most delightful way despite problems, such as forced branch closings, or making each single customer feel that they matter as an individual.

Is your bank responsive? Watch the video and let us show you a whole new concept of customer experience!

Celia Cerdeira

Celia Cerdeira

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