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European BPOs seeks urgent solution for remote work

Published on May 02, 2020 at 1:24 pm in Customer Service

The COVID 19 crisis hit many European countries quickly and heavily.

Everyone is confined at home, but people still have needs and questions. Without any other options, they turn to the contact centers to try to solve any problems that come up. As BPOs represent 26% of the European Contact Center market, they are facing not only a dramatic increase in communications to the contact center but are also worried about keeping their workforce safe to be able to handle all the increased volume of interactions.

Solution to keep the BPO contact center running

For this BPO all agents were on-site and up until the contingency requirements there was no plan for remote working, so we needed to adapt quickly to this need.

For smaller clients and simple operations, it was actually very easy to do. The were sent home, working through a VPN to connect to the applications and handle interactions. But for larger and more complex clients, this wasn’t an option given the level of security, cost and complexity needed for each of them.

Some BPOs chose a Virtual Agent Desktop (VDI) solution deployed in cloud mode.

Others opted for different strategies. In one of them, we started a successful pilot to move 20 agents home in the first day. The rest of the agents have been moving gradually. They work on PCs using only a web browser, which provides access to their usual applications: Altitude Software Agent Desktop and their PBX Softphone.

This approach meant no changes from the working environment of the BPO contact center on-premise that they were used to. Using the same applications and interfaces allowed for a seamless, smooth, and quick transition from the contact center to remote working. It was pure plug and play for agents to give customers the excellent service they deserve, expect, and are used to.

Keep reading to find out about how other companies successfully reinvented themselves, with the help of their contact center technology, to give customers the best service.

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Celia Cerdeira

Celia Cerdeira

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