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American shopping center goes online in 48h

Published on Apr 30, 2020 at 8:10 pm in Customer Service

Shopping centers were one on the first to close, along with HORECA and entertainment.

But it doesn’t mean that they stopped serving their customers. One of our clients, a big American mall, apart from the typical stores, houses a travel agency and a customer support center that helps the stores provide payment services, solve credit card issues, etc.

Suddenly, the volume of calls this customer support center was receiving skyrocketed – people were worried about their credit cards and payment processes and needed fast answers.

We helped to send all contact center employees to their homes and ensure uninterrupted service from a safe environment. However, the number of agents was not enough to handle all the interactions that were pouring in to the shopping center’s contact center. We had to make sure that no call was left unanswered, so we added new servers and additional IVR ports to give immediate answers to customers without overloading the system and the agents.

The travel agency was mostly serving customers in the store and had very little capacity to assist them remotely. With the Covid-19 emergency hitting so quickly, a cloud contact center solution was the fastest answer. Altitude Software team implemented a full cloud contact center platform in less than 48 hours, allowing all 40 people that normally work in the agency to work from home, using the same working environment that they had at the travel agency.

The shopping center management saw the benefits of the cloud contact center platform very quickly and they are now planning the implementation of additional cloud services for other uses.

Keep reading to find out about how other companies successfully reinvented themselves, with the help of their contact center technology, to give customers the best service.

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Natalia Bochan

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