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Contact Center, a booming sector led by women

Published on Mar 08, 2019 at 11:52 am in Blog

Every March 8, International Women’s Day is celebrated all over the world. Since 1975, this day focuses on the struggle of women, over the years, for equal opportunities in society.

It’s a very special day for me. In my homeland, Ukraine, it´s celebrated in a big way and nobody is left out. It is a celebration in which the male part of the society praises all the virtues of the female part. A mix between Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day extrapolated to each woman, regardless of their age, social or economic status, their philosophical vision or any other dimension. On that day all the men, from the youngest to the oldest, recite poetry and sing songs dedicated to the women in their lives: mothers, grandmothers, teachers, daughters, sisters, employees or workmates. They offer the women gifts, thank them for being who they are and for being part of their lives.

In Europe, March 8 is lived with very different emotions and it has other connotations. It´s a day of claim, struggle and protest. I keep looking for my balance between these two versions, between the side of “flowers and gifts one day a year” and the other side of the struggle and protest. I think I have found it thanks to the industry where I work. It turns out that, unlike most industries, the presence of women in the contact center sector is very relevant: 71% of workers in the global call center industry are female.

Why do I say that this is where I find the balance between the two extremes? Because all these women do every day what, from my point of view, every woman should be able to do: have a decent job, develop their skills in the best possible way, grow and be free to choose their own destiny. In simple words, have the same rights that men have, no more no less. At Altitude Software, I feel fortunate to have the possibility of giving support and recognizing the great work and dedication of all women (and all men) who work “in the dark”, who are on the other side of the telephone or the computer screen, serving millions of clients in all sectors.

The growth opportunities in the field of customer interactions are a reality. Thanks to the technological advances in the recent years, there has been an increase in the business volume of the sector and in the specialization of the professionals working in this area. The boom in services such as e-commerce, has increased the contact center activity exponentially, as consumers are now performing more and more online transactions, while at the same time demand personalized attention that gives them the tranquility they need. Curiously, there are more women who take advantage of these multiple opportunities. Without celebrating or vindicating, goals are simply marked, achieved, and overcome.

At Altitude Software we celebrate this day and are committed to promote equal work opportunities for all people.

As a socially responsible company, we promote innumerous initiatives related to equality and participate in meetings and gatherings where the role of women in society stands out. In addition, our directives have actively participated in several initiatives that promote equal opportunities and the role of women in the sector. Our Chief Customer Care Officer, Sonia Comajuan, recently participated in an IT Women Meeting organized by itSMF association, at the PWN event “Women on Impact” and at the FactorW Professional Congress, a reference event on Diversity, Equality and Inclusion issues. For ten years we have been organizing the FORTIUS awards with AEERC and APCC that reward the employees in Contact Centers and to date, 24 women – from a total of 45 awarded – have been recognized in the sector.

To finish, I would like to recall the words of our colleague Vanessa Tiba, Brazil Country Manager at Altitude Software, who states “Here, both women and men have the same possibilities and the same opportunities. Both hiring and promotions are based on the personal skills of each one, regardless of their gender. We believe that respect is the key to achieve a healthy environment in any company. Employees who are committed to their work and to the values of the organization are an asset to the company, to their colleagues and to all the teams.”

At Altitude Software we are truly committed to equal opportunities within our company and we work every day to make contact centers a responsible sector that is committed to equal opportunities in society.


Natalia Bochan

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