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Customer Training: From Manuals Design To Final Delivery – A Personal View

Published on Oct 12, 2018 at 3:23 pm in Blog

From my earlier days in Altitude Implementation Services, I learned from experience that working at a contact center is no easy task.

If you’re an agent, you’re “stuck” with what you have to say, when to say it, and ensure that you give customers the best possible experience during the interaction. ,If you’re a team leader or a supervisor you have to ensure that agents are complying with the contact center performance metrics, help agents with their requests, or even just assist them with the task of logging them in or out from the agent application. I also found that system administrators have a more technical view of the contact center and know how to automate boring and repetitive tasks, like loading contacts into a campaign, etc. “Tech stuff”.

What does this have to do with training, manuals design, and delivery?

Well, first of all, everyone needs training, right? Everyone should learn how to better work with the tools that they’re provided with. It was only after I spent some years on the field, understanding how people really work, and also providing customer training that I had a perspective on how to design and improve training manuals, and what do people expect from training. Basically, people expect their training to be easy enough so they don’t get “lost” in a training session, but also challenging enough so that they can think for themselves and not just follow a series of predefined steps.

That must be dull and boring, delivering the same training courses over and over again.

Well… not really! Every training is a different experience altogether. I get to meet new people with different problems or different needs, and for each need I have to come up with an answer to their situation in just a few seconds!

Also, sometimes it happens that I missed a typo on a slide or realize that a given exercise or lesson isn’t properly explained, or isn’t easy enough, and that also provides me with tools to understand how to improve the training manuals, and how to deliver a better training overall

What about new training courses? How can you design a new training course from scratch?

Designing a new training course is hard work, and it’s quite similar to any development project. You have to think about topic or topics you want to address, gather the information that you already have or research new content, structure the course, design each course lesson, ensure that you are able to “tell a story”, where the start of the training needs to have basic information, and you work your way up through the course, and finally, put the course to test!

Usually we ask some fellow colleagues to test the course thoroughly and give feedback. Of course, it won’t be perfect the first time, so after we gather the feedback, we just keep on improving it before it reaches a good enough version to publish the new course and make it available for everyone.

“Are there any new courses soon?”
Sure! Check out our training platform

Altitude University Knowledge Hub
to know what courses are available or soon to be launched.

Hope to see you soon in a next Altitude University training session!


Marketing Team

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