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Hearing the Voice of Our Customers and Partners: The Value of Exchanging

Published on Oct 29, 2018 at 12:24 pm in Events

The need for customer engagement transformation is the reasoning behind Altitude Xchange events, a unique opportunity for Altitude customers and partners to share experiences with peers, network with industry experts and Altitude Top Management Team, and discover how Altitude can be an added value partner in understanding companies’ needs and help improve Customer Experience. Designed for customer experience and contact center decision makers, the Altitude Xchange is the place to share best practices, evaluate real-world solutions, get insights and discuss new ideas.

We wanted to make Altitude Xchange different, memorable, but how? We only knew the locations: Cwmbran, UK and Chicago, USA. Then came the agenda… that initial daunting task, where do we start? One of the first questions that popped into our heads was: What do our Customers and Partners value most? Are we aligned with them? How can we help improve their experience and ours? Where would we bet our money? We recently participated in the CCW in Las Vegas and all of a sudden, an idea popped into our head! Business is all about betting and taking risks, right? So why not make this years’ Xchange events a Casino? And that´s when Altitude Royale came to life!

Complementing the amusement of our elegant casino games, our customers and partners were indulged by our top speakers: Casino Manager, Pit Boss, Dealers, Floor People, Slot Supervisors, Shift Managers, Carousel Attendants, Casino Hostess, all had a word to say during the day. The best part was that we had amazing VIP Players and Whales participating and supporting our Altitude Royale.

Do you know who our VIP Players are? VIP stands for Very Important Person, meaning all of our Customers! These players are valuable to the casino and their return business is very welcome, so they are treated with special care and attention by casino staff and managers. Our Altitude Royale has a two-way relationship with Whales (Partners). On one hand, casinos want to attract whales because they bring revenue into their establishments. On the other hand, casinos must be able to financially accommodate high-stake gambling from Whales. Altitude Royale recognizes the importance of the Whales to co-create value and develop business, profitability and customer satisfaction.

“The unique services and expertise of our partners enrich and support Altitude on its mission. We are boosting the ability of our whales to co-create value and develop customer’s business, increase profitability and customer satisfaction”

Alfredo Redondo. Casino Manager

So now that we had a theme, the staff and players, and all the other “little details involved” the Altitude Royale could open its doors!

The first door to open was our annual Altitude Xchange in the UK, on September 21st in Cwmbran, Whales. We were fortunate to have the amazing help and support from our customer We Fight Any Claim, who kindly provided the facilities to host the event. We presented new ideas, exchanged thoughts and even where “On Her Majesty’s Service” when we solved a murder mystery with James Bond! Special thanks to We Fight Any Claim for hosting, eGain Corporation for sponsoring and a huge thanks to all our Customers and Partners: DFS, Sitel, HigherGround, Fiko (MMG Sky) and Sirch Solutions for coming out!

The second door was opened at our biannual Altitude Xchange in North America. This door opened on September 27th in Chicago, where we recently inaugurated our new office: 1 North State Street #1500, Chicago. We had a fantastic couple of days with our Customers and Partners, betted some (fake) Altitude money and had a lot of fun gambling!

We shared great conversations, ideas, plans, challenges, and solutions breathtaking views! A special thanks to: Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, The Results Companies LLC, SSP Converged Solutions, Dice Communications, Inc, ICON, ZEDD Customer Solutions, Banner Bank, Anyhour Solutions and KIVA Group for joining us and actively participating with us during our stay at Altitude Royale. Thank you also to eGain Corporation and Khomp for sponsoring Altitude Xchange NA 2018.

With a new look and feel we hope our customers and partners enjoyed it as much as we did!
We Xchanged ideas, experiences and much, much more!


Marketing Team

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