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Supermarkets maintain excellent customer service through the emergency crisis

Published on Apr 30, 2020 at 8:48 pm in Customer Service

Mandatory home confinement, fear of going out, social distancing, these are on everyone’s minds.

However, despite all of these, people have basic needs, such as food, that need to be met. The retail industry also had to adapt overnight and reinvent new ways to cater for its customers.

One of our retail clients is a chain of supermarkets with high customer service standards. In one night, they went from a few hundreds of calls a day to thousands. We helped in doubling the number of agents by providing free onboarding training, but even this was not enough.

Confinement orders kept people at home, reduced the affluence to physical supermarkets, but increased online orders to unprecedented numbers literally overnight. The pre-confinement rush to the supermarkets gave way to an online rush that had to be handled or risk that customers took their orders to other competitors. So we studied several options to find the best way to deal with the increase of interactions from customers who wanted to make grocery orders.

Automation solutions add efficiencies, and bots help humans more and more these days, and in a few days part of the customer needs were solved or properly redirected through a smart IVR solution which helped in two ways:

  • responding some frequent straight forward requests from customers not needing further assistance
  • making the proper upfront identification tasks to focus and reduce the dedication of agents.

Though the use of this kind of practices, such as automation solutions, is already known to some extent and experienced by some other contact centers, its implementation on a cloud-based platform, incorporating the new automation configurable functionalities, was what delivered the ultimate quick response to such urgent need.

Keep reading to find out about how other companies successfully reinvented themselves, with the help of their contact center technology, to give customers the best service.

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Natalia Bochan

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