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What is a Call Classifier

Published on Apr 23, 2020 at 10:38 am in Call center

A call classifier is a call center software application to detect unsuccessful calls, such as busy, no answer, invalid number, and so on. Call classification is usually provided by the telephony switch; however, switch call classification is very limited as it typically classifies calls with the outcomes busy or no answer.

A complete and thorough call classification, part of the auto dialer (link), highly improves performance as agents handle only connected calls. Moreover, call classification improves the predictive dialing results by providing a more detailed and accurate call classification, delivering only connected calls for the agents to handle.

Call classification may be performed as follows:

  • Automatically: Automatic classification improves productivity levels by enabling the contact center auto dialer to automatically classify calls and only delivers connected calls to agents.
  • Manually: Manual call classification allows agents to classify the outcome of calls. For example, agents classify calls as being answered by a fax or an answering machine.

What are the benefits of a contact center call classification software?


Ensure the quality of the contact list

Contact list accuracy is very important, as it is one of the main factors that contribute to the success of the campaign. However, if the contact list is not perfect, the call classification software helps to improve call tries to the contact. For example, if calls to the contact repeatedly have the outcome Invalid number, remove the number to keep it from being dialed.


Comprehensive reports on call outcome

Call classification allows contact center management to have an accurate analysis of the successful calls, such as the ones that resulted in a sale, and those that were not. It is also very important to see the unsuccessful calls that resulted in answering machine, busy, overflow, and so on to take corrective measures to enable the improvement of the performance metrics.


Audit trail

Call classification software empowers the contact center with auditing and logging processes to make sure that no contact is left to call. Features such as alarms and call rescheduling  guarantee that all calls are made. For example, if the call resulted in busy at 12:00 pm and no answer at 4:00 pm, the contact can be resubmitted again for 8:00 pm to aim for a live connection.


Retry calls

Boost the contact list performance by adding advanced call features to the call classification to ensure that agents take the maximum profit from all call opportunities. For example, even if the call classifier detects answering machines, you may choose to still allow agents to handle those calls and leave a message. The configuration of the call classifier be personalized to cater for specific business needs. It may be more important to leave a message and give the contact an opportunity to reach the company than to just discard that number.

Celia Cerdeira

Celia Cerdeira

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