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What Is A Contact Center Knowledge Base

Published on Dec 21, 2020 at 4:22 pm in Call center

A contact center knowledge base is an integrated and centralized repository of information that allows agents to provide quick, accurate, and consistent information to customers.

Knowledge base contents can be reused according to the specific needs of the campaigns. The knowledge base should be easy to navigate and fully searchable to help contact center agents find the information customers are looking for very fast. If well integrated in a unified agent desktop, it is an essential tool to help agent deliver the best customer service.

A good knowledge base software combines all internal and external information to drives efficiency and increase agent performance as they are able to quickly answer customer questions in a quick, consistent and precise way.

It gathers information in a single location and goes through an internal approval process to ensure that the information is correct, simplifying agent’s work a great deal because they don’t need to remember huge amounts of information, on the contrary, it’s ready for them on the desktop application.

A contact center knowledge base tool also standardizes all the answers provided throughout the contact center achieving a consistency regardless of agent or channel.


What are the benefits of a contact center knowledge base?


Reduce errors and deliver better customer support

A centralized knowledge base reduces agent errors because all information is ready for the agents to use. The information is consistent, thus avoiding misunderstandings and preventing dubious or erratic messages. A good call center knowledge base has decision trees that easily support agents to improve customer service.


Increase agent satisfaction levels

Contact center agents love knowledge base software. It allows them to quickly view, access, and share the right information with their customers. It also simplifies training and onboarding. Additionally, they feel empowered and more confident that they will do a good job answering customer queries.


Increase customer loyalty and trust

Loyal brand advocate customers are hard to achieve and keep! Getting accurate and consistent answers across channels is a great driver for customer trust.


Reduce operational costs

A knowledge base, complete with information that agents can easily find is a visual way helps to keep both operational costs down and the interaction times at a lowest.


Knowledge is power. A knowledge base software is pivotal in supporting contact center operations, maximizing agent efficiency by reducing the time spent to find information. Moreover, giving customers the right answer at the right time increases their experience with the company and loyalty to the brand.

Your agents shouldn’t need to have all the answers! Instead, they should be empowered with the tools to provide an excellent customer service.

Celia Cerdeira

Celia Cerdeira

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