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What is a responsive contact center

Published on Jul 06, 2020 at 10:34 am in Call center

A responsive contact center focuses on the customer and the customer’s experience by allowing each individual customer to define their own journey.

It provides anytime, anywhere response to all customer needs, that is, enables customers to get in touch with the contact center using the channel of their choice at the time of their choice.

Flexibility, agility, omnichannel, support to and seamless unification of digital channels with other interactions, automation, and combination of automated with human service are only a few features of the responsive contact center.

Customer service is one of the main drivers of customer retention and it greatly overtakes price as a differentiating factor. A responsive contact center respects the uniqueness of each customer, allowing for a personalized, VIP customer journey.

The VIP treatment starts right when the customer calls the contact center.

Modern life is so fast paced that we don’t have the time, or the patience, to wait in queues for someone to answer our call. The responsive contact center’s concierge, or virtual assistant, provides other options to keep the customer from waiting in the queue and still solve their problem.


The responsive contact center concierge:

  • greets customers when they first start the interaction
  • offers options such as call backs, voice mail, or digital channels
  • bids farewell, not before asking for an NPS survey

Speaking about alternatives, people hate generic, dumb messages that do not solve their problem at all.

The responsive contact center offers real options, such as the use of digital channels to keep the conversation going, the customer engaged, and the operational costs down as the contact center does more with the same number of agents. For example, encourage an asynchronous communication by sending the customer an SMS with other alternatives, such as the WhatsApp number or email address.

The use of traditional channels, such as voice, with digital channels, such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or email in a complementary and unified way provide for the most personalized and successful customer journey.

Customers should be able to communicate with companies just as they do with their friends and family:

  • start a conversation through phone while stuck in traffic,
  • switch to WhatsApp while running an errand,
  • or use email while at the office.

All of this without time pressures to answer or fear of losing context. Customers choose the option that better fit their style and needs with the assurance that they can always pick up where they left off

A responsive contact center engages with its customers, gives them the convenience of choosing from the channel that they are more comfortable with at a given time, and makes them feel valued and happy!


Celia Cerdeira

Celia Cerdeira

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