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What is the ROI for Altitude Xperience Contact Center?

Published on Oct 18, 2019 at 12:03 pm in Contact Center

Times are tough, and the pressure for a lower the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and high and quick ROI (Return on Investment) is growing.  However, calculating the ROI does not have to be complex, but it needs to be accurate and based on achievable objectives.  The Altitude Xperience solution provides an out-of-the-box modular integration of all channels and functionality to give contact center operational and business managers the opportunity to add or remove modules to meet the dynamic needs of each business. These benefits can be classified as cost benefits and revenue benefits and are achieved through the implementation of the Altitude Xperience contact center platform having into account the specific needs of the contact center and the profile of the customers.

Altitude Xperience is a modular contact center solution, that is, companies can start with a complete contact center suite, or start with a few modules and add on to the suite as necessary to meet dynamic business needs.

Altitude Software enables the calculation of the ROI for Altitude Xperience’s complete contact center suite or for individual modules according to the current requirements of each individual business. Moreover, below are a few of the modules part of the contact center suite that have a more detailed analysis about  the costs and benefits that are part of the ROI calculation for each.

Outbound contact center

Inbound contact center

Scripts for campaigns/agents


Instant Messaging

Altitude Xperience cloud contact center solution:

  • Eliminates upfront investments in hardware and software
  • Allows important savings due to reduced maintenance, labor and IT costs
  • Increases productivity by using AI to, for example, pair agents with the most appropriate customer
  • Guarantees a low TCO and fast ROI

Are you looking to reduce costs, improve business productivity and achieve a quick ROI? We can help you!

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Celia Cerdeira

Celia Cerdeira

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