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inbound call center

What is an inbound call center

“Hi Miss Houston, thank you for calling Media House. What can we do for you today?” This, or…

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what is an IVR

What is an IVR

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is a call center technology system that enables automated agents…

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contact center for healthcare

Don’t go, call!

Quarantine, isolation, pandemic, social distancing, face masks, ventilators, disinfection, death,…

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Customer Experience in the retail industry

Find out what are the 3 main challenges in the retail industry

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contact center as a service

What is Contact Center As A Service (CCaaS)?

Transform your contact center and the customer experience with your business with a contact center…

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what is a call center

Call center vs contact center vs customer engagement center

I’ve been working in the contact center industry for about 20 years, and lately have been…

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asynchronous messaging

What is Asynchronous Messaging

The world is turning into a very fast paced place and our routines are playing along. We’re busy…

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What is an ACD

What is an ACD

An ACD (Automatic Call Distributor) is a call center telephony software system used in inbound…

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Are you ready for the New Normal? – Webinar series supported by Microsoft

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