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Histórias de Clientes durante a emergência do Covid-19

Handling COVID-19 Emergency: Customer Stories

The COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic has had a drastic and dramatic impact on how we go about our…

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BPO upgrades to home agent friendly configuration

BPOs like all other business, had to reinvent themselves to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic and…

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European National Public Health Service started using mobile apps for doctors and nurses

This customer provides the front-end communication between people infected with COVID 19 and the…

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Gestão da emergência COVID-19

Handling COVID-19 Emergency: Customer Stories

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Whatsapp for customer service

Use whatsapp to manage the relationship with your customers

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European BPOs seeks urgent solution for remote work

The COVID 19 crisis hit many European countries quickly and heavily. Everyone is confined at home,…

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automation solutions

Supermarkets maintain excellent customer service through the emergency crisis

Mandatory home confinement, fear of going out, social distancing, these are on everyone’s minds.…

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cloud contact center platform

American shopping center goes online in 48h

Shopping centers were one on the first to close, along with HORECA and entertainment. But it…

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agents working from home

European insurance company: ready for the emergency

Insurance companies rely heavily on their contact centers and many of them have a very complex…

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