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Benefits of Altitude Xperience contact center solution for retail companies

The retail industry can greatly benefit from a contact center to help meet customer needs and improve customer life time value. For that, contact centers need to support omnichannel customer engagement and diverse strategies on how to provide their products and services to ensure to meet all customer needs. Retailers that are able to deliver a proactive, personalized service will get loyal customers and brand advocates.

e people with a dialog box on top of their heads. One of the dialog boxes has a minus sign, the second one a plus sign, the third one a heart

Know your customers

Make each customer feel unique

Gather and consolidate customer intelligence and make it available to your agents at all times, in a single desktop application. Ensure that each customer is always matched with the most appropriate agent, be it in terms of skills or behavior. Customers buy more from agents with who they empathize and can make personal connection.

Be available 24×7

Do not miss any opportunity

Give your customers the opportunity to do business with you at any time and on the channel of their choice. Shopping experiences vary from retail store to online social media, or mobile apps. This doesn’t mean that you need live agents available round the clock, but a choice of self-service options that reduce operational costs but increase customer satisfaction.

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Provide a consistent experience

Unify channels and departments

Provide one-stop shopping and customer care across any combination of voice, SMS, mobile, web and social channels, allowing customers to seamlessly move from an email regarding an online order to live agent assistance when a change to the order is necessary. A true integration with all teams, departments, and data mean an omnichannel approach to customer service.

Customer Stories

See how customer centric organizations use Altitude Xperience to exceed their customer expectations!

Our Customers

Happy, engaged customers are what we strive for at Altitude Software. These are some of our customers in retail who prove it!

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