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Should Your Contact Center Agents Have All the Answers?

Published on Jul 17, 2017 at 7:15 am in Blog

According to an American Express survey, 99% of consumers surveyed say that getting a satisfactory answer or being connected to someone knowledgeable (98%) are the most important prerequisites to a great customer experience.

As it is almost impossible for agents to know all the answers, it is up to the contact center to make sure that agents do their best at providing customers with the right information at the right time. Building a repository of answers to common problems and automating the process of retrieving the right information very quickly leads to a faster issue resolution.

A knowledge base is the ideal tool to efficiently and quickly deliver relevant knowledge to support your customer’s needs. It collects and gathers information from all company and presents it in a unified, structured way to your agents.

A knowledge base can:

1.Empower agents
A complete, well-structured knowledge base, integrated with the agent desktop helps agents to provide consistent, accurate, and timely answers to customer questions and requests. It greatly improves agent performance as agents spend little or no time looking for information. Having all the information and being able to solve problems on their own highly motivates agents because they feel they´re doing a really good job.

2.Reduce training time
In addition to the lack of experience, new agents usually also struggle with difficulty to find the right information to give to customers. A knowledge base plays an important role on giving new agents the possibility to easily answer to the most frequently asked questions and guidelines on how to answer them. Accessing the knowledge base documents from their desktop enables new agents to become productive in a very short period and to manage the interaction with the customer to the best of their knowledge.

3.Increase FCR and AHT
Contact center agents handle an increasing number, and more complex queries, by the day. That requires a greater knowledge from their part, but also some help from the technology they use at the desktop, mainly to keep them from spending a much time as looking for answers as they do engaging with your customers. A good knowledge base, easily accessible, and user friendly leads to increased (FCR) First Contact Resolution (FCR) rates and reduced Average Handling Time (AHT).

4.Improve customer service
Modern contact centers provide an omnichannel service to their customers. A knowledge base ensures that customers that have the same or similar question receive the same answer, regardless of the used channel (phone, web, social) or contact mode (self-service, assisted service). In addition to the consistency of the answers, a knowledge base also ensures accuracy, greatly improving efficiency and customer service.

Faster contact resolution, improved answer accuracy, highly personalized customer service these are just a few benefits of having in place a knowledge base at the contact center. A knowledge base application that agents can access quickly at their desktops, without having to move between screens, with a straightforward organization will not only improve agent productivity but also exceed customer expectations.

Celia Cerdeira

Celia Cerdeira

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