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Debt Collection: Increase Your Success with Segmentation and Personalized Service

Campaign optimization and strong dialing capabilities are at the heart of every debt collection operation as success is measured by the number of debtors reached and ultimately the amount of revenue recovered.

Nowadays, it is possible to get almost everything on credit, whether it is a car worth 50 000 euros or a mobile phone worth 200 euros. It is beneficial to consumers as it gives them the option to get the desired products quicker and without building up sufficient savings. However, when it´s time to pay the debt, not everyone can and is willing to do so.

Fueled by these reasons, the debt collection industry has been growing and gaining more importance, forcing companies to adapt to this trend.

Debt Collection


  • Increased debt recovery rates
  • Reduced debt collection time
  • Reduced debt collection costs
  • 360° view of the debtor
  • Personalized approach to debt collection services according to the debt aging, customer scoring and payment agreements
  • Powerful dialer capabilities: 3 dialing paces - preview, power and predictive
  • A mix of self and assisted interaction channels
  • Complies with legislation and fair debt collection practices

Segmentation and personalization

The debt collection process is not pleasant to the agent, nor the debtor. Therefore it is important to make it as less painful as possible. Key to this is segmentation. Not all debts and debtors are the same and debt recovery companies need to adopt a personalized approach according to the debt age, customer scoring and payment agreements.
It is important to choose the right channel mix for every segment. So for example, if a person has missed only the first payment, a reminder from the debt collectors by email or sms might be sufficient. However, if it´s already a recurrent issue, the debtor should be additionally contacted by other channels, such as the phone.
Additionally, debt collectors should be provided with different guiding scripts for different segments. A personalized approach to debt collection will highly increase the success chances and the amount of the recovered debt.

Unified up-to-date information on debtors

The financial situation of debtors is changing regularly. Therefore you need to guarantee updated information and provide your debt collectors with a unified desktop with a 360° view of the debtor. No one wants to be accused of being in debt if the debt has been settled, even if it has happened only a few days or even hours ago.

A complete solution for debt collection

Only a complete contact center solution can deliver this level of functionality and performance, while at the same time ensuring compliance with debt collection regulations. Altitude Xperience, our unified communications suite has all the functionality necessary for effective debt recovery. It offers agents a single desktop application for all channels, a unified 360° real-time view of the customer and customized guiding scripts. Management can take advantage of Altitude´s strong dialing capabilities and campaign optimization features, such as customizable real-time KPIs, contact list segmenting, and alarms. On top of that Altitude has many years of experience in debt collection services and can offer valuable insights to its customers.

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