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Telemarketing: Increase Your Success by Offering Customers What They Actually Want.

Telemarketing operations focus on one thing: closing sales. Unfortunately selling over the phone or any other communication channel is not an easy task. Success chances, however, can be greatly increased by using business intelligence tools to improve campaign strategies.

It is important to understand that customers appreciate being contacted proactively if it serves their interests. A smart and innovative customer service approach together with the proper technology and business intelligence tools will help your company build the most successful telemarketing campaign strategy. Choosing the right contacts, matching them with the right agent and message and selecting the right communication channel will allow you to not only increase your sales quotas but also improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.



  • Increased agent productivity
  • Shorter call times
  • More leads, more success closing sales
  • Reduced training time for new agents
  • Different telemarketing strategies for different contact list segments
  • Campaign adjustments and changes on the fly
  • Quick scripting and launching of new telemarketing campaigns
  • Real-time and historical monitoring
  • Built-in and customizable business KPIs
  • Integrations with business intelligence tools

Telemarketing campaign management

No one and nothing is perfect and we are sorry to tell you, neither will be your telemarketing campaign strategy. However, with some close process monitoring and strategy fine-tuning you can achieve something close to perfection. Contact center management and operations need to have real-time monitoring capabilities, extensive reporting applications, advanced configuration functionality and innovative business intelligence tools. They have to be able to make changes and adjustments on the fly and the road to success can begin.

Advanced tools for agents

Even the best telemarketing campaign strategy and the smartest business intelligence tools will not give you the sought success in closing sales, if your agents don’t have the right knowledge and the proper tools to work efficiently. Telemarketing agents need an advanced desktop application with a simple and easy to use interface. They have to be able to quickly access the complete customer information and have a clear understanding of the campaign script. By providing your telemarketing agents with all of this, they will not only have the right knowledge and tools at their fingertips, but also feel more motivated and happy at their workplace.

A complete solution for telemarketing

Only a complete contact center solution can deliver the functionality and performance to achieve all the above mentioned. Altitude Xperience, our unified communications suite, is a great choice. It has the all the needed functionality and easily integrates with business intelligence tools, bringing you closer to closing sales and accomplishing your goals. While the suite covers all technical telemarketing needs, our experienced team will provide you with smart and useful insights to help you improve your business.

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