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Business Application Integration with Altitude Solutions

Business application integration can help enhance customer experience and take benefits of all customer stages of the journey in the contact center.

Altitude Xperience is an open, standard-based suite, which enables tight integration with a vast variety of applications that are in the eco-system of contact centers, bringing added value, to customers and organizations, in all steps of the customer journey.

  • Voice recording and quality management

    In contact centers, recording has a very important role for regulatory compliance, quality monitoring and performance improvements.
    With standard connectors for best-of-class solutions in the market, Altitude solutions will allow you to gather and analyze all recorded contact center data, such as voice recording, interactions history and customer and business data attached to interactions and records. It will offer you a real 360° view of your customers, allowing to continually optimize compliance and performance management and improve the way you are servicing customers.
    The voice recording and quality management application integration functionality will allow you to enter in the world of speech analytics, customer engagement analytics, machine-learning for predictive analytics on customer behavior and much more.

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  • Workforce management

    With standard connectors to leading workforce management and optimization solutions, Altitude solutions allow you to optimize staffing, while keeping aligned productivity targets and customer satisfaction.
    Altitude Xperience uses Windows-based or Web-based services (APIs) to provide statistical data for forecasting and scheduling to workforce management applications. The application integration offers two types of data:
    Hostorical data. A data module extracts from the Altitude Xperience database all needed historical information and transforms it to map the data into formats for WFM solutions.
    Real-time data. Our APIs provide agents status, such as working and non-working, to WFM solutions for tracking activities in real-time.

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  • Speech technology

    Natural and effortless voice self-service helps organization to differentiate from competition. With out-of-box connectors to leading speech technology providers, Altitude solutions allow the integration of features like voice biometrics and voice recognition with several communication channels, for example the phone, a website or mobile apps.

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  • eSignature

    Altitude provides an out-of-the-box solution for Scrive, an e-evidence generation system, which is an authorized substitution for hand signatures and recorded voice contracts. The integration allows to use e-signing in the customer management process. During or after a phone call, the customer receives an email or sms with the virtual contract, allowing a quick and easy authentication of the customer´s virtual signature.

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  • Privacy compliance

    Integration with privacy compliance solutions allows our customers to comply with even the most severe telemarketing regulations on customer privacy. Features like Mobile Compliance (FFC rules), Do Not Contact lists, List Management, List Hygiene and others allow our customers to get the most out of Altitude Xperience and improve their telemarketing and customer engagement results.

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  • Behavioral Agent-Customer Pairing

    Apply artificial intelligence to discover and predict the behavior of the caller and the agent to improve the quality of interactions. Altitude partnered with Afiniti to empower contact centers with behavioral pairing to make the customer journey more consistent and personalized, improving customer satisfaction and retention.

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