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Deployment of Altitude Contact Center Solutions

By using an Altitude contact center solution you can focus on providing exceptional customer experience, regardless of the deployment model you choose.

Organizations are seeking to improve the customer journey by increasing personalization and by delivering consistent customer experiences across all channels. This is not an easy task and is affected by many things, including technical functionality. So for example, the administration of your contact center can be a significant workload to IT operations and impact response times for your business operations.

At the same time, you may need a deployment model that offers high availability for critical business operations and disaster recovery plans for multisite survivability and business continuity. Also high security for protecting sensitive customer data or preventing service disruption due to external attacks, is an important factor to consider.

Altitude contact center solutions provide a large range of deployment options, answering to your needs of scalability, agility and security. All options give you the same level of functionality and allow you to focus on your customer satisfaction levels and business results.

  • On-premise

    Many of our customers have specific requirements for business and service continuity, regulatory compliance, security or data privacy. From all the deployment options provided the Altitude Xperience on-premise deployment model gives you full control of the whole infrastructure (software and hardware) and you can abide by your internal policies and requirements.
    The on-premise deployment model allows you to deploy our contact center solutions across local or remote locations from one central site. It gives you flexibility in staffing, whether it is onshore, offshore or at home and allows you to meet your business objectives, regardless of the architecture.
    Altitude offers a single, consistent, web-based application to configure and monitor all applications. It helps you reduce costs associated with IT resources, speeds implementation times and simplifies administration, monitoring and reporting of enterprise-wide deployments.

  • Hosted

    If from all deployment options you are choosing the hosted services deployment model it will enable you to manage the daily operations of the contact center, with all available technical and operational options, but leave the infrastructure management up to a host.

  • Altitude Cloud

    The cloud deployment model offered by Altitude constitutes a full featured Cloud contact center suite with pay as you go options. Altitude Cloud provides a complete multimedia contact center solution that includes everything from ACDs to IVRs, multimedia inbound and powerful outbound dialing algorithms, call classification, unified monitoring, universal queue, intelligent routing, and much more.

  • Hybrid, private cloud or local telephony

    The hybrid solutions deployment model gives Altitude customers the best of both worlds by allowing them to maximize the benefits of the hosted and on-premise delivery models. The hybrid model allows you to run applications where they are most needed and fit best into the corporate infrastructure.
    The local telephony deployment model enables you to use Altitude Cloud while keeping telephony connections on-premises. This allows you to maintain telephony control to avoid telephony disruptions, minimize bandwidth requirements, provide security of voice and call recording, and minimize operational complexity.