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Customers in the Center

Customer Centricity

What is customer centricity and how do companies cope with this new paradigm?

Companies are making a huge effort to change their ways and focus on customer centricity. For good reasons though, as companies that are more customer-centric and prioritize their customers have better business results, get more positive word-of- mouth, and bring more innovations to market.

But while many companies claim to be customer-centric, the real number is actually much lower. How do you know if your company is achieving the highly sought level of customer centricity and is providing a gratifying experience to your customers?

From a general perspective, customer centricity stands on five pillars: Accessibility, Responsiveness, Empathy, Consistency, and Agility.

Customer in the center

This new paradigm of customer centricity made companies realize the importance of customer experience and identify it as a key business differentiator. For example, customers dialing into a contact center embark on a journey that in most cases ends with a solution to their query. However, they feel more valued if this customer journey is as easy and smooth as possible.

The shift from a multichannel strategy (offering different channels to customers) to an omnichannel strategy (eliminating the siloes for providing a single-view of the customer journey) led the way to this evolution to customer centricity.

Understanding the importance of the contact center experience as a strategic part of the overall customer journey, allowed us to redefine the five pillars of customer centricity (general perspective) into four main ideas focused on the contact center environment: designing the experience, empowering agents, getting the metrics that matter, and understanding customers.

Define solutions, processes, and services from the customer's perspective.

Give agents the know-how and the tools to be efficient at what they do.

Measure what happens in your contact center and act upon it.

Gain maximum customer engagement by understanding your customers.