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Staff Motivation and Agent Empowerment

Staff motivation empowers agents with the necessary know how to be more efficient, more productive, and provide customers with the best experience.

Companies cannot achieve customer satisfaction or engagement without achieving high levels of staff motivation. They need to engage first with their contact center agents, the main interface of the company with its customers. Motivated agents feel valued in their roles and have an increased ability to “wow” your customers. But how does a contact center generate staff motivation among agents?

Empower Agents

Agent Empowerment

Responding to customer requests takes expertise and the ability to adapt to a constantly changing information environment. However, it´s common knowledge that the turnover rates of contact center agents are extremely high. To overcome this problem companies need to devise staff motivation techniques to empower agents with more responsibility, making their work more interesting and challenging. Agents need to have good, systematic training that teaches them to use their knowledge efficiently and take the most appropriate decision to solve customer problems.

Employee Rewards

In the contact center environment everything is measurable, analyzable, and reportable. High levels of staff motivation lead agents to work harder and better; therefore, the company should have in place an encouraging reward program. Clear metrics of each agent’s performance and the corresponding rewards are one of the key aspects to achieve success and higher business results. After all contact center agents are the ones that ultimately can have the biggest impact on customer satisfaction, with the ability to turn an unsatisfied customer into a loyal customer. Altitude Agent Desktop provides agents in real time with counters about their individual, team, and campaign performance, enabling them to know their objectives and whether they are meeting the defined goals.

Simple working tools for contact center agents

One of the most frustrating things that can happen both to agents and the customers is the wrong or slow access to information. This can reduce staff motivation among agents as it is difficult to navigate through multiple screens trying to find the right information while at the same time focusing on the customer. The agent desktop must give agents a single, unified view of the customer´s journey to reduce the main source of customer frustration, which is being transferred between agents and repeat the same information endlessly until the issue is solved. Simple working tools like these increase staff motivation and allow to increase customer satisfaction.

Ready to use answer templates

The agent desktop should also have a central information repository that agents can use to ease their work. The repository should have standard answers for FAQs and templates for emails or chat and twitter messages greatly improving agent productivity, staff motivation and customer satisfaction as issues are answered quickly and interactions take less time.

Agent skills

Technology can either be an enabler or a withholder for agent empowerment. Delivering customer interactions to the agents, who have the right skills to handle them, is an important point of agent empowerment and maintaining high levels of staff motivation. The right skills set agents up for success, leading to a happier and more productive workforce and ultimately, improved customer satisfaction.

Omnichannel view

Agents must also have an omnichannel view that gathers all the information the company has on its customers regardless of media channel or service. The desktop application should allow agents to view past and pending customer information and act upon it to solve customer issues. For example, the agent can pick up a pending workflow task from the queue and tie the loose ends of the customer experience.

Reduced agent turnover

Contact center employee attrition is a big challenge that needs to be overcome. The solution lies in staff motivation and agent empowerment. Empowered agents are happier and more likely to remain where they are, making companies and customers the biggest beneficiaries from this empowerment. Altitude solutions support agent empowerment, allowing you to succeed in your battle with the employee attrition problem.

We will help you increase your staff motivation and empower your agents

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