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Customers in the center

Contact Center Metrics That Matter

Modern contact centers require that everything is measurable and analyzable. Relevant contact center metrics have shifted from standard metrics, such as average handling time to wider and more customer-centric indicators, such as customer satisfaction.

New consumers are more knowledgeable and demanding and therefore expect perfect service at all times. On top of that, with the rise of social media and blogging, the power balance between consumers and businesses has shifted, giving customers unprecedented power over companies. In circumstances like this companies need to completely focus on their customers and customer service levels.

Metrics that Matter

Customer centric approach

Having a customer-centric approach is not only a new trend, it´s a complete must if you want to be successful in your business. Contact center metrics including extensive customer data analysis and indicators such as FCR (First Contact Resolution), customer satisfaction or even the customer´s tone of voice will help you truly understand your customers and improve customer service levels.

Unification throughout the company

Another important aspect of contact center metrics relates to how companies handle customer data. Altitude Xperience, our unified communications suite, connects all touch points across the company and provides a unified, single view of each customer. The information in the unified customer history is used by the contact center to improve customer service levels through actions such as proactive calls to offer relevant services and products or to match the customer to the best skilled agent.

Dynamic business environment

As the business environment is becoming more dynamic, with new products and services by the day, it is crucial that contact centers can keep up with this fast pace. Contact center metrics make it possible to measure their activities in real-time, create custom operational and business KPIs and quickly pinpoint responsible parties. Contact centers must to be as dynamic as the market is and therefore need to closely follow contact center metrics to be able to quickly make needed adjustments and changes to their campaign strategies.

We will help you align contact center metrics with business strategies

Be completely aware of what is happening in the contact center

Build advanced contacting strategies

Motivate agents by showing them their own and team´s performance

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